PayDay 2 Masks Up With Collector’s Edition, New Video

Unfortunately, I didn’t play PayDay 2 at E3. However, I did manage to steal a few minutes watching it over someone’s shoulder. Steal! Geddit? Anyway, it looked really good but that’s hardly a surprise, the first PayDay game, despite a few shortcomings, was a solid co-op shooter.


Publishers, 505 Games, have released the above trailer to explain the game a little bit to those who might still have the kidnap bag over their heads while it’s being reported that the Collector’s Edition will have a few cool bonus bits of tat to deposit around your living space.

There’s a heist mask so the cameras don’t catch your face, a pair of gloves to keep your prints off things, a wallet to keep your stash in and a copy of the soundtrack to, er, listen to. It all looks suitably criminal and it seems that it will only cost $20 more than the standard edition of the game. There’s no word of a UK release in this report but hopefully Interpol has been alerted and we’ll also see some bonuses on this side of the Atlantic.

Source: Shack News



  1. looks different and pretty good. Didn’t play the first one but heard good and bad things about it

  2. I’M SOLD!

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