The Walking Dead: 400 Days Heads Up Today’s PSN Store Update

400 Days is a bridge, a small stopgap between two series of the The Walking Dead videogame. It’s inventive and quirky, and it’s out today. Read Peter’s earlier impressions to see if it’s the sort of thing you’re looking for this week – if it is, it’s four quid, from here.


There’s little else, though, unless Sony are planning on pulling a late surprise. A drift pack (another four quid) for GRID 2 is probably the highlight of today’s DLC, or there’s a seven-pack of Creat games for the PS3 for £16, although most of them are a bit old.

Other than that, there’s little to get excited about. If we’ve missed anything, we’ll update accordingly, but it’s a quiet week this week so far.



  1. Bought 400 Days, quite excited to get stuck in.

    • Same – gonna try and play it tonight!

  2. Still need to get ep2-5 of season 1 :-/

    • Me too. Being a cheapskate with a big gaming backlog, I’m waiting till they do a really good deal before I buy the rest. ;)

  3. The missus returned last night so we’re keen to dive into this. Might pick it up later. The first season was stunning and one of the best games of the year (for me).

  4. Looks like I have opportunity to tackle the pile of shame this week :)

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