Yesterday’s Fantastic GTA V Trailer Footage Was Captured From PS3

You watched it, didn’t you? I know there has been quite a lot of eye-rolling and sighing from jaded videogame enthusiasts (not least myself…) with every little incremental drip of information about Grand Theft Auto V but we all watched that trailer yesterday. It was, to use the fashionable term, epic.


I had a very brief conversation yesterday with a friend and we basically concluded that we thought Rockstar were big fat liars. There’s no way that footage (and those mountains!) – keeping in mind it’s a huge open world – was based on current console hardware. So that, coupled with the now-removed job listing for PC graphics programmers, led us to speculate that this was running on a decent PC, with next gen console versions a shoe-in. Well, Rockstar says we’re too quick to judge.

The prodigious developer has taken to their blog to categorically confirm that the footage in yesterday’s lengthy trailer was all captured from the PlayStation 3. The quick post has over 4,500 comments on it at time of writing, with most of the relevant comments basically going “SRSLY? WOW” and similar sentiments expressed in a similarly internet fashion.

It is impressive, though, isn’t it? It looks like, with GTA V, GT6, Beyond, and the rest, PlayStation 3’s great year might be the biggest challenge to PlayStation 4’s launch this holiday season.



  1. I actually wouldn’t mind if the PS4 slipped a little at this point. Don’t tell Sony.

  2. You could see the PS3 control labels in the video. Although, I admit, that isn’t really conclusive proof.

  3. There are PS3 / GTAV ads on IMDB.

  4. SRSLY? WOW! Couldnt believe when i saw it on Twitter, looking amazing, and the multiplayer …. interesting, cant wait to see what thats about!

  5. Press X & R2 at various points

    Looks great for PS3, especially considering Rockstar’s troubles with GTAIV & RDR.

    Also means that Microsoft probably aren’t going to get lengthy timed DLC exclusives like GTAIV… Unless their exclusive is reserved for next-gen machines :(

    • the button prompts could easily have been placeholder, or running on a PC via the DS3.

      confirmation from rockstar was required, and most welcome.

  6. Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer. Nuff said.

    • Naughty step. Now.

    • I agree with this. Happens on every GTA, massive hype, trailers look good, then………bordem after 5 hours of playtime.

  7. Where there’ll be a huge bear trap waiting for him cleverly disguised as a rather large pot of honey.

    • Stupid iPhone. Comment was rightfully in respect to ‘the naughty step!’

  8. It makes me wonder how good gta4 could have been if it was lead developed on PS3. I think the whole Microsoft giving them 50 million persuaded them to prioritise Xbox and have PS3 as an afterthought. Unfortunately they used the same Xbox focused engine on other games. Now they can use the PS3s potential.

    • i don’t know if the lead platform being one or the other would have made that much difference.
      i expect they’re just more experienced with both machines and know how to get more out of them now.

      • It was quite clear that the Xbox was their priority for GTA4. It was their main focus for quality so the engine had to be in top condition for it. The engine needed a complete overhaul to achieve parity on ps3.

    • You’d see better performance and possibly resolution on the PS3 version, but that’s about it. GTA IV was an early title for the PS3, and R* didn’t have much time to get to grips with the alien hardware which takes, as Mark Cerny said, a whole year of development just to get running properly, never mind well.

  9. Haven’t watched it and don’t have plans to. Mainly because I have very little interest in the game.

    Haven’t enjoyed GTA since GTA 2.

    • You should definitely watch it just to see how Rockstar are pushing the franchise. Even if it leaves you cold (with regards to wanting it) it’s nice to see how the biggest franchises on the planet are moving forward… or not (with other franchises).

      It’s one heck of a world to see, fella. Most impressive.

  10. I agree with some previous negative comments. Video looks great but I got bored with previous GTA, even with Red Dead Redemption. The games seems to tick all the boxes but playing feels like a job. Free roaming and creating havoc is fun only for a few hours.

    I am going to be strong and I will wait until it gets cheap… even if it gets 95 on Metacritic.

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