Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre Order Bonuses Announced, New Video

When I first saw footage of Killzone: Shadow Fall during the PlayStation 4 reveal event I, like many of you, was simply stunned. After all it was the first real insight into the power that the next generation will have. It was at that moment I became truly ready for the new consoles.

Well now Sony is starting to announce more details for the games that will release on the PS4 and pre-order bonuses are definitely here to stay. If you pre-order Killzone: Shadow Fall then you’ll gain exclusive access to the Shadow Pack DLC, though it seems to be all cosmetic.

The Shadow Pack will include exclusive skins for your OWL, a drone that can stun or kill enemies as well as offering you protection and a zipline. There’s also a Spotlight move in the MP which seems to be an exclusive taunt. Finally there will be a download code for Killzone: Shadow Fall’s soundtrack.

Cosmetic but the soundtrack could be quite nice to have I suppose.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. These are good pre oder bonuses, nice for those that want them, but don’t cut out anything major. I’m sometimes a sucker for soundtracks, though I guess it depends on the game. Last of Us was a good one to get with a soundtrack, this I’m not sure about…

    Either way, can’t wait to get a PS4 and kill some space Nazis!

  2. Nice. Got my copy preordered. My fave fps and multiplayer. THRILLZONE!!!!

  3. Good bonuses. I hate it when they have exklusive modes or maps.

  4. The killzone soundtracks have been superb & well worth getting :)

  5. This seems like a bad idea. I can only imagine that Sony will be pushing for people to buy download able content but by offering pre order incentives for a launch title means anyone who wants to download it will definitely miss out

    • Sony have offered pre-order content on the store for a while now, should you either pre-order it on the PSN or buy it within the first week of release.

  6. Pre-ordered this beaut along with my ps4 Feb 23rd :)

  7. I guess i should really pre-order a few games to go with the console .. this’ll do for starters, it looks stunning and i’ve enjoyed all of the Killzone FPS campaigns.

  8. Still haven’t decided on how to get my launch games. I usually import from the UK but then I’d get the game one day after I get the PS4 because I ordered the PS4 directly from
    Now I’m not sure if I should get a game there, too and risk it being in German (which is definitely a mood killer for me) or order one from the UK and just spend the first day trying to download Driveclub through Plus and maybe eventually play that…

  9. Just have to say that new video is epic. I really love the owl and think it’s the first real innovation in fps that I’ve seen. Will definitely be a pre-order

    • let us just hope its not in the multiplayer, it could be massively over powered.

  10. Damn, the movie posted above looked really great. I loved how they moved the battle to the forest, it looked great. My launch game has been decided.

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