Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre Order Bonuses Announced, New Video

When I first saw footage of Killzone: Shadow Fall during the PlayStation 4 reveal event I, like many of you, was simply stunned. After all it was the first real insight into the power that the next generation will have. It was at that moment I became truly ready for the new consoles.

Well now Sony is starting to announce more details for the games that will release on the PS4 and pre-order bonuses are definitely here to stay. If you pre-order Killzone: Shadow Fall then you’ll gain exclusive access to the Shadow Pack DLC, though it seems to be all cosmetic.

The Shadow Pack will include exclusive skins for your OWL, a drone that can stun or kill enemies as well as offering you protection and a zipline. There’s also a Spotlight move in the MP which seems to be an exclusive taunt. Finally there will be a download code for Killzone: Shadow Fall’s soundtrack.

Cosmetic but the soundtrack could be quite nice to have I suppose.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Still not sure what to pre-order for my PS4. Is this out on launch day?

  2. I’m sure there will be a limited edition with something even more.

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