Thomas Was Alone Proved Most Popular On PS3 & Vita

Thomas Was Alone is a charming little game.


The tale of a group of rectangles and squares looking to escape their reality was an incredibly fun title that I found quite difficult to put down. In fact I played it through in one sitting late at night on my Vita after I downloaded it from PS Plus.

Which, it appears, is how the majority of Thomas’ audience was introduced to the game. In an interview with Joystiq Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone’s creator, revealed that his game reached more gamers through Plus than it had through any other platform the game had released on.

This includes the PC where Thomas Was Alone had been available for almost a year before landing on the Sony platforms.

Mike also revealed that work on Project 2, which he also refers to as “the difficult second album,” has begun and information will start to appear in the next few months about it.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Curve did a great job.

  2. Oh, wow. Interesting considering the push Sony is making for indie development on the PS4. I wonder if we see a few devs coming across straight away and then worrying about the PC version after the release of a PS4 rendition.

    • That would be awesome! I can imagine the lo-fi fashion carrying on for a while but the extent things like scale and volumes of clever AI could be taken to with all the power of a next gen console is really exciting. I haven’t played Thomas Was Alone yet, it’s on the list though!

  3. That’s great news, just shows how popular Plus is now.

    I wasn’t sold on it at first, but it slowly grew on mr and I ended up loving it.

  4. Not to sound too cynical but surely with it being free on Plus, this fact shouldn’t be that surprising? Still good job for the company, I loved it and I’m so thankful that people didn’t just dismiss it as it wasn’t their usual type of game.

    • I think it was only on Plus free in Europe. The US got it discounted.

  5. I actually bought it off the PSN store. I’d feel bad getting it for free with Plus ;)

    • I loved it and didn’t feel bad playing it for free on the Vita I won here on sixthaxis hehe :-)

  6. That is impressive.
    I found it quite charming, and i quite enjoyed the first half of the game, especially when you can really just take your time with the puzzles. But i hit a difficulty spike somewhere around the half way mark and haven’t returned to it since.
    But it’s a quality game and i’ll be interested in seeing what their next game is.

  7. I’m sure it got a nice little surge through the Humble Bundle on PC a while ago. It’s impressive that the Plus version is ahead.

  8. i really wonder what kind of deal Sony offers for developers with the free PS+ downloads

    • I met MIke the other day, lets just say he’s very happy at the moment.

  9. I really enjoyed playing it on the vita, thought I was a perfect fit just felt deflated knowing I had completed it. Is the dlc any good ?

  10. I have only played it on the Vita, but as Nismo mentioned above, it did just feel like the perfect fit for the device. Great job to all involved.

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