Xbox One Is “Great For Small Businesses”

Not content with invading the living room and trying to wrestle away TV from cable companies, Microsoft are now targeting small businesses and suggest that it is “entirely justifiable to make the Xbox One a business expense.”

So no change to Microsoft’s completely bonkers marketing strategy for their new console then, at least they are consistently baffling. Stay tuned for the next update in which Microsoft explain how the Xbox One is the ideal console for whippet racing, cave diving and creating the perfect ham and cheese toastie.

The post by Marques Lyons, Microsoft Xbox MVP and the Director of Consumer Camp, highlights the Xbox One version as Skype as an ideal business tool.

“Xbox One will allow people to not only use Skype on the console, but it will allow for multi-person chatting. Combine this with the wide-angle lens and 1080p view of the included Kinect and you have the means for collaborative meetings and presentations.”

He also suggests adding a keyboard and mouse to the console and then using Office Web Apps via Internet Explorer as a “means to edit documents, when necessary, even if you aren’t near your PC.”

The documents can be stored and accessed via the Xbox One SkyDrive app, “Navigate them with Kinect voice or hand gestures, be free from tethering that PC around” suggests Marque.

“Use the Kinect voice and hand gestures to navigate to websites. Now you’re free of clickers and light pens to use your hands to for more expressive gestures.”

I can visualise the exact expressive gesture my boss would give if I tried to claim an Xbox One on my expenses.

Source: Microsoft.



  1. Yeah, right.

  2. So microsoft are lagging behind on pre-orders and are now trying to make the numbers up by doing this ?

    This is starting to look like desperation to shift the console.

    • Aye, exactly man. Since E3 Microsoft have been getting increasingly erratic, whereas Sony are just getting better and better.

  3. A true return to form.

  4. Or you could just, you know, use a PC. I don’t see how this is any better than a laptop at all.

    • Exactly, a £250 laptop would do nicely.

  5. Aren’t there currently Smart TVs (i.e Samsung, LG) which provide Skype calls with built in mic, cam and controlled via body/hand gestures ?

  6. I can imagine my Boss’s reply if i asked him if we could swap out our existing video conference kit for an Xbox one. ;)

  7. I guess MS aren’t selling the console at a loss then because there is no benefit to selling a console to someone who will never buy a game. Unless of course you need a Gold subscription to use Skype. Not use why a business would want an XBL account.

    • good old Gil Gunderson (aka Don Mattrick)

  8. so they want people to use a gaming console like a PC?

    jesus christ what are you they on over there?

  9. Whereas PS4 will do big business .. ;)

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