20 Things You (Maybe) Didn’t Know About the PS4

Our friends PlayStation Access have uploaded yet another video described as “20 things that you didn’t know” about the PS4. While not strictly true, since we’ve posted some of the information shown in the video here before, there are some new bits of information.

Most interesting is the name of the PS4 home menu – PlayStation Dynamic Menu – PDM? As well as the new PlayStation app which allows for certain SmartGlass-esque features, such as second screen gameplay and even the ability to watch your friends play games over the internet.

There are only a couple of other things we didn’t really know but the video’s worth a watch to see all of the less-reported information in one place. Anyway, Access describe it as “20 things you may have missed” on their twitter, so everything’s okay.

It’s all sounding good, then – I for one can’t wait to jump in to watch my friends playing a game while I’m away from my own console.



  1. I think one of the best features is the suspend mode, can’t imagine how much time I’ve lost waiting for games and levels to load. Some load times on PS3 are a joke.

    • loading times can really kill a game… just look at Modnation Racers! awesome game but the loading times totally killed it.

  2. Can’t watch the vid at work but the ability to watch your friends play games over the internet is gonna be brilliant! I’m not the best gamer on the planet but a couple of my mates are f**king hopeless. I’m going to have hours of entertainment watching them trying to kill certain bosses in games or driving like a drunken 2yr old girl! :)

    • and if there’s ever an expert on drunk two year old girls… anyway… some lovely stuff known so far.

      For me, PS+ being associated with the console (not just an account) is wonderful. Unless I’m completely mistaken, that’s not the case right now. My flat-mate often plays games on her profile on the PS3 and I’m not sure her saves go to the cloud. Same would go for Hannypoppie’s games.

      Ooo… one more thing. One of the top brass at Sony mentioned, recently, that there are nearly as many indie games being developed (right now) for the PS4 as there are top-drawer titles (so 140 of those and nearly 140 indie titles). Seriously, great start! :-)

    • hahaha! that is going to be so much fun!
      and just as entertaining watching a really good gamer!

  3. Playstation app sounds awesome!

    • Yep, I thought I was gonna have to download an app for every game with second screen functionality, but going for a similar approach to smartglass just makes things easier for users.

  4. Great little video, I especially loved the happy HDMI chappy, I bet he still only ever bought one cable which cost him £80 and promised no interference back in 2006! Also, Sarah Green, dead ringer for Rachel Nichols off Alias? She’s lovely.

  5. Fantastic video, thanks for posting it. After listening to that I am now really looking forward to the PS4. Sounds brilliant.

  6. Cracking vid. Even more excited now!!

  7. Great video, loved the humour. Some interesting things too that I didn’t know.

  8. Why such an apologetic article?

    Still, interesting vid!

  9. Great vid. very informative. roll on the holiday season!

  10. A little bit more excitement from this. Loving the seemingly mobile OS feature that have inspired elements of the new OS.

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