F1 2013 Unveiled With Classic Content

Codemasters have finally lifted the lid on their next Formula 1 title, F1 2013. Sadly for those planning to hop onto the next generation as soon as possible, it’s coming to just PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but it does have some lovely new additions to the title which will help to differentiate it from the last few games.

In addition to the usual churn of modern F1 cars, you’ll also be able to mix things up with a new game mode called F1 Classics, which will pit you in classic cars against 10 legendary drivers and around tracks no longer on the F1 calendar, like Brands Hatch and Jerez.


In quite a canny good move, the 1980s pack is to be bundled in within the standard game, whilst there’s an additional pack of 1990s content coming either in the F1 2013 Classic Edition or for everyone else as post-release DLC. That then gives you another bundle of classic cars, drivers and the Imola and Estoril circuits.

All of this content will be available to take online, though presumably not up against current machines, but I think we can all agree that the best part about this is that we’ll have Murray Walker’s wonderfully iconic voice introducing it in game.

Via press release.



  1. With this, GTA and Beyond I don’t see the point in me getting a PS4!
    Sounds lovely, especially the classic mode. Something I thought a FIFA game should have introduced years ago.

    • I was going to say, what about watch dogs, but then remembered it was on current gen too…

      Do we know a release date? It’s always annoying that the game’s released 3/4 the way into the season.

      • Just “Fall”, which I googled and seems to mean “Autumn”.

        You can bet it’ll be at the end of September, as with the last three games.

      • Yeah they should plan it for a March release date, well the next one. It’s slightly annoying with season being nearly over when it releases.

        Onn a Demon’s Souls 2 listing TSA reported earlier in the month there was an F1 2014 listing as well. Could be something?

  2. I wish it was on next gen. The F1 games always have performance issues on consoles. I want it to be locked at 60fps. None of the framerate dips and tearing nonsense.

  3. Great to choice to focus on the current-gen systems. Will make it as good as possible and will hopefully lead to a great tourny later in the year! Merc will be back to take the title this time ;)

  4. Well, I would have preferred next gen, but oh well, at least this should be out before PS4.

  5. Finally, more than just a re-hash of the same game. Might actually get this year’s edition then.

  6. Excellent. I always said I’d buy previous season packs for a game. Last game to do it was F1 04 I think. Hopefully they’ll be slightly different in feel and proper seasons but I think it’ll be just little snippets.

  7. Yes Force India! :D Really want to preorder a ps4, but like everyone keeps saying, there’s still so much to come for the ps3. Doesn’t seem like much point in getting a ps3 game if I did get a ps4, so I’m a bit miffed about missing this :(

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