CoD: Ghosts To Make Its Multiplayer Debut In August

Infinity Ward Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, has hinted that a Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal may due next month.

Tweeting that the studio is in its “death marches” to finish the game, Rubin also said he is “looking forward to MP in August,” suggesting a full-blown reveal is on the cards.


For the past several years, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have focused on Call of Duty’s singleplayer before detailing online play closer to release. It appears Ghosts is using the same pre-launch template.

Source: Mark Rubin, Twitter



  1. Hmmm i’m actually interested in the Single player with the radical (if not truly original, see Homefront) change. Even though CoD has lost one of its usp’s to Battlefield next gen (60fps), Im sure going from sub 720p to full native 1080p (which will surely be the case?) will look super slick.

  2. CoD is pretty much dead for me now. Can’t wait to see what BF4 brings on the PS4. Think i might have a new FPS to spend my time on!

  3. Really looking forward to what new features they’ve added to MP.

  4. as far as next gen CoD I’m more interested in what nex-gen Zombie modes will look and play like instead, and that is exactly a year away. regular MP is fun for the first few prestiges but its the zombie games that have kept me coming back to CoD

  5. I’m partly interested to see what happens with cod this coming gen.Treyarch are largely unproven with any open world scenario (Tony Hawk 2?) and will they still stick with the arena DM format?
    The thing i think they do do well is their meta game,its so damn compelling but lets face it it is only fluff in the face of some steep competition.
    Anyways i’ll look forward to hopefully seeing something a little new but i do wish they’d stop with the Infinity Ward skeleton,as Kotick said himself it’s not like many of their fans knew who they were.

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