Finally, Your Gold PSN Trophies Are Worth Something

Fancy owning a piece of PlayStation history? Got plenty of gold PSN Trophies? Well, as we hinted last week, gamers can now bid on some cool real-life goodies with your virtual silverware.

The site’s getting hammered just now, but potentially you can log in with your PSN account, and it’ll tot up your gold Trophies. Then you can bid on the goodies, which are listed below.

Day Item Game
Day 1 (7/16) Black Hand Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 2 (7/17) Infected “Clicker” Costume The Last of Us
Day 3 (7/18) End Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 4 (7/19) Dragonborn Dagger The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 5 (7/20) Witch Doctor Mojo Diablo III
Day 6 (7/21) Crane Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 7 (7/22) Witch Doctor Cursed Skull Diablo III
Day 8 (7/23) Delsin Rowe’s Outfit inFAMOUS: Second Son
Day 9 (7/24) Dragonborn Shield The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 10 (7/25) Captain Kenway’s Cutlass Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Day 11 (7/26) Dragonborn Sword The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 12 (7/27) Dragonborn Stalhrim Mace The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 13 (7/28) Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb Diablo III
Day 14 (7/29) Helghast Sniper Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 15 (7/30) Captain Kenway’s Outfit Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

The trick, of course, is to bid tactically. If you really want something, splash all your Trophies on it, but you might want to spread out the bids across the whole collection.

Your Trophies remain in your PSN account, of course. Sadly, this isn’t open to Europeans, but hopefully SCEE are taking note and will offer up something similar down the line.

The Killzone outfit’s already getting bids of at least 300 Trophies…

Bid here.


  1. Somewhere, Crazy Del just exploded.

    • My thoughts exactly :p shame about it being America only though..

    • LOL. I was thinking the same thing. Where is Del anyway, as he hasn’t left a comment?

      • He won the holiday! :P

      • xD I would have them all! I think I have 635 Gold Trophies.
        Shame its America only =(

  2. Even though it’s not in Europe, I can really appreciate this. It’s awesome. Really hope it comes to Europe as well with something similar.

    • Something tell me that you have a lot of gold to spend ;)

  3. Bidding is only available to users in North American territories (USA, Canada, Mexico). :(

  4. Heck, I’d trade all my trophies no matter the colour, for some of that stuff. And some real money ontop.

  5. Still can’t quite believe this, I never would’ve expected this to be possible, it’s pretty cool.

  6. Just looked at the merchandise and tbh most of them I see as being fairly rubbish. Thr witch doctor garb and helghast sniper outfit look the best. Still a bit rubbish really because there are hardly any people with 500 gold trophies – a figure which you’ll at least have to have in order to make one bid let alone win.

    • Yeah, but let’s look at the worth of a trophy. It’s a virtual graphic that tells you “achieved” something in a game. Pretty worthless, to be honest. Sure, to the more hardcore gamer, it has more merit… potentially… but outside of that, it can’t hold much monetary value which means the items to bid on are going to be equally naff most of the time.

  7. What’s the geographic readership for TSA? Surely, 90% of people are in Europe. If so, great title for the article! :-)

  8. I only have 140 gold trophies this is ridiculous. They should have done platina trophies.

    • but if you have more platinum trophies you would have a ton more gold trophies…so you SOL either way, it’s a shame it’s not just first come first served, as there is always going to be someone who has more platted games (trophy hunters, people who use guides etc)

      would also be fairer if they had 3 of each item.

      but hell, they didn’t have to do anything like this at all, so good look to those that get something out of it…while we in the UK look on with a slightly sulky manner.

  9. *looks at his friends list* Crazy_Del has this locked n clocked!!!

    • It’ll be interesting if this is a one time thing or if they do more of these auctions. If they do, what keeps people like Crazy_Del from always getting the best stuff if you don’t lose your trophies?

  10. Shame it’s US only. Hopefully we’ll see something similar here. I’d splash all my 135 Gold Trophies on any of these!

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