Steam Getaway Sale – Day 6

The next set of daily deals for the Steam Summer Sale have gone live. You can pick up Football Manager 2013 for £7.49, Alan Wake for £2.29 and Sleeping Dogs for just £4.49. There is also a 70% price reduction for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition and 50% off Devil May Cry.



Over in the Flash Sales section there’s 40% off Assassin’s Creed 3 and you can also purchase the, no doubt terrifying, Amnesia: The Dark Descent for a little over £2.


Does anything tickle your fancy in today’s deals?




  1. As much as i want a ps4 , i have that many games due to the steam sale and plus i am pretty much making it impossible for me to spend £400-500 on a console ,I may as well just buy a new card and monitor. dont if ay of you guys are in the same position

    • Yup, exactly the same.

    • the very same, by the end of the sales ill have enough games in my back log to keep me going a year. just grabbed the very very fun Orcs must die, and with Alan Wake at 90% off, how on earth can i say no? Also grabbed Amnesia, though the videos on youtube arent scary, neither was fatal frame until i was te one wit the controller!

  2. Nothing for me again today. At least my wallet isn’t screaming like last year!

  3. Nothing for me today.

    The deals on Serious Sam and Amnesia are unmissable if anyone doesn’t have them.

  4. Hoping Civ 5 wins the community choice, but has Tropico 4 appeared yet? Want some sort of city building game, so one of either those two or Anno 2070.
    Pretty pleased that so far I haven’t bought anything!

    • Civ 5 is a really good IMO. Not a bad hangover game too :P

      • Civ 5 is ace though I do occasionally prefare a dabble with civ 4 when I’m feeling a bit more arcady or drunk.

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