WeView: Super Stardust Delta

It’s always a bit difficult when a game I haven’t played comes up for WeView, and it’s not made any easier by the fact that Super Stardust Delta is a Vita title, a platform I don’t own. Basically I’m saying please be a little bit forgiving with me this week.

The revival of the Stardust series with 2007’s Super Stardust HD seemed a popular move with many, and the title quickly gained quite a following. Unfortunately Super Stardust Portable, the PSP incarnation of Super Stardust HD, didn’t really live up to the expectations set by the PS3 version of the game. It currently sits at 69 on Metacritic, quite a slump compared to the 85 that Super Stardust HD earned.

Fortunately it seems Super Stardust Delta, the Vita instalment in the series, faired rather better, with Metacritic placing it at 82 and our very own Peter rating it out 8/10 in his review of the game.

Looking at the game graphically, Peter said that “It looks gorgeous, as you would expect,” something I can completely agree with. It just looks so crisp and bright, really drawing you in with its presentation.

Perhaps a little strangely, he was actually pleased by the fact the game had cut down its weapons from three to two, feeling that the system is best described as “honed”. Given the fast paced nature of Delta, the two weapon system is incredibly useful as it “means that you don’t waste valuable hundredths of a second cycling to the correct weapon for taking down a particular enemy.”

The game also features mini games, which Peter feels “exist primarily to show off the new control systems the Vita allows,” something which he also feels is one of the selling points for the game as a whole. While he feels that the mini games are “no replacement for the main play style,” he does say that “they do present some nice diversions and the leader boards will encourage friends-list feuds.”

As a whole, Peter was fairly pleased with Super Stardust Delta, as the 8/10 score shows. Here’s what he had to say in conclusion:

Super Stardust Delta is a cheap, download-only showcase for several of the PS Vita’s selling points. It looks fantastic on that big bright screen and the new control systems are utilised without feeling too tacked on and gimmicky — at least in the main mode.

The mini games may only be there to show off the hardware but they still provide some potential for high score battles and are a welcome addition to the reasonably short main mode. For the price of admission, though, you’d be crazy to miss this.

Now, as always, it’s time to ask your opinion of the game. Whether or not you agreed with Peter’s verdict of the title, we want to hear what you have to say about the Stardust series’ second portable outing. All you need to do is drop a comment below, and a rating using the Buy It, Plus It, Avoid It scale that comes into play for digital games. Remember, Plus It means that it’s only worth picking up if its free or discounted via PlayStation Plus.

If you do feel like taking part then you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get your verdict in, and I’ll wrap everything up in Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Buy it

    This game really wowed me with how vibrant the graphics were. It’s a great game to show just how well two analogue sticks work on a handheld. The game itself plays very well with crisp graphics, a great soundtrack and a variety in modes to show off the different control options the Vita has. A good example of a game that has variety, challenge and is a great price. Well worth it IMO.

  2. Buy it. One of the first Vita games and one I still play very regularly. The amount if bobbins it shifts about the screen is very impressive.

  3. This is an essential, if you own a Vita you should buy it as soon as possible. Pew pew!

    The game is pretty much on par with it’s PS3 version, and looks beautiful on the OLED. And thank God for the regular controls, as the ones involving the gyroscope are not always the best option.

    And do take a rest once in a while, I found myself with the eyes drying up from not closing them; the actions is that frantic :)

  4. Buy it with the advanced starfighter pack. Great gameplay and visuals, one of my first Vita titles.

  5. It’s a great game, for a great price. I did like the psp version, however if u compare it to this, this blows it out of the water! It does showcase the Vita screen, and some of the controls. It’s fun too, but can be frustrating if u get stuck on the planet in main mode, and are trying to unlock all the planets. The trophies are fairly hard too, but if u like the look of it or enjoyed the psp/ps3 versions, then Buy It!

  6. One of the first PSVita games I bough, as I considered it one of the essentials. Glad to say, I wasn’t wrong. The game is great and really fun, I fire it up every once in a while, even though I’m not that good at it!

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