Indie Title Still Time Heading to Vita

The PlayStation Vita seems to be the place to be for indie games. While it doesn’t have the biggest install base, it does have a lot of players looking for titles such as the brilliant Hotline Miami, the sublime Thomas Was Alone or the acclaimed Velocity Ultra.


Sony know that, and Shahid Ahmad is the man making it all happen, reaching out to developers in order to bring the best indie developers into PlayStation development.

And, by the looks of things, Sony have snapped another cracking game up – Still Time. It’s currently still a work in progress, and deals haven’t been signed yet, going by this tweet, but developer Alan Zucconi is keen to bring the pixel art title to the system.

These indie games are perhaps the most exciting things the Vita has going for them at the moment, with a subdued line-up of boxed titles. There’s still time to wait however, as the game won’t be around until 2014.

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  1. I’m really hoping the launch of the ps4 leads to increased vita sales, a larger install base and then more AAA titles released. I really didn’t spend £200 to play games my phone is more than capable of handling.
    Don’t mean to sound too negative, I know there’s a plethora of quality titles in the vita but there’s just not enough big blockbuster titles for my liking, mostly they’re quality smaller titles.

    • I agree Tony – especially when the Vita is capable of titles like Uncharted and WipEout 2048. And the games are usually cheaper on iOS, then there’s the cost of Vita memory.
      I am looking forward to that indie survival horror game though!

      • I’d take stuff like Still Time over any so-called AAA game. ;)

      • Each to their own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re getting indie titles – but the ratio seems to be far too in favour of the indie titles for what I thought was going to be released for Vita (albeit that could have been my misunderstanding) – but I guess things have changed since the Vita’s original release/plans. I can get some indie games on my phone, but my phone won’t play stuff like Gravity Rush (hence why I bought a Vita). Also, there just seems to be a lot of re-released stuff – Limbo, Machinarium, then Rainbow Moon and Dead Nation are coming too. There is only Killzone and Tearaway that I can think of that interest me, that are cartridge releases. Don’t get me wrong, like Tony says I don’t mean to sound negative (I love my Vita), but it would be great to hear that a few bigger titles were coming. I’m glad BioShock is still a possibility, and that Ubisoft are going to release another AC game for Vita too.

      • The Vita install base is waaaay too small for most big publishers to even consider just now. That’s not likely to change any time soon, so indies, where dev costs are much lower, are an obvious goal now.

        Can’t see that situation shifting when PS4 releases either.

      • Yeah I agree – but perhaps Sony has greater expectations originally as I think it was marketed more for AAA games (but I could be wrong). But hey, I play a lot more on my PS3 so to have something like the Vita is still wonderful and mine gets regular use. Perhaps not having too many “big” games is a good thing anyway – I don’t need another backlog!
        The PS4 cross-play will probably mean even less Vita specific AAA titles, if we can just stream them from PS4, but that’s not a bad thing!

    • I didn’t pay £200 to play indie games, i paid it for games like Uncharted, Unit 13 and Killzone! But since they are either here or around the corner, having indie games such as Terraria too is more bang for my 200 squids :-)
      What i would love to see is Real Racing 3 make an appearance, oh and more apps!
      The Vita was an investment into future potential for me, especially with it holding PS4’s hand. Ironically, with its quad core tech and serious grunt, im actually more excited about Terraria (a 40MB game) on the go than any other titles right now.
      The indie developers may fall in love with Vita and go on to produce much bigger games, hell – that’s how our hobby started.

  2. If full remote play is implemented for every PS4 game then that’s a massive boon for anyone who shares a TV, also if they can add second screen UI to the vita as well, then it really starts to shine as a device in tandem with the PS4, being able to have a touch scrollable map of Skyrim for instance whilst using the back touchscreen and normal controls of the vita as a DS4 is a good use.

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