Sony Confirms August PlayStation Plus Titles For Europe

[drop2]Following an earlier leak that pointed to August’s PlayStation Plus titles being Capcom’s Devil May Cry reboot and the cool shooter Spec Ops: The Line, Sony have today confirmed the exact listing of new games for August’s bounty.


So, replacing the generous Battlefield 3, brilliant Saints Row and Payday on PS3 (and Ninja Gaiden and Unit 13 on Vita) are Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II and – yes – Spec Ops.

Sadly, no Devil May Cry. But still, these are great games and the service continues to thrive, somehow managing to constantly get some top notch games for that modest monthly fee.

The Vita gets Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack! too. Remember to grab July’s games before they disappear from the service, you’ve got a few days to go yet though.

If you’ve yet to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, perhaps this will change your mind.



  1. Lovely, ill take them all thanks.

    • Yes and Yes. I have NFS, but none of the rest… gosh darn I love PS+.

  2. Brilliant, it means I can sell NFS on disc too. I’ve been waiting for Spec Ops for a while as well.

  3. Got most wanted and Mafia 2 but not the rest, great line up much better then last month for me. Can’t wait to finally play specs the line knew it would eventually make its way onto the Eu plus.

  4. Mafia II is an amazing game, great story and imo on more captivating than GTA4.
    Lego LoTR can do one though, just a DS port and lazy developers didnt harness Vita’s power at all.

    • Lego LotR on Vita is terrible. It’s worse than the 3DS version. Not even worth the download IMO.

      • Played it, platinumed it and didn’t have many issues with it.

      • Really?

        I haven’t played it yet, but I did play (and got the platinum) Lego Harry Potter on it, which was similarly slated.

        And I preferred it to its big brother on PS3. More streamlined and focused on fun than the PS3 game. A bit less to do, but considering the latter parts of the PS3 games turn into a grind usually I’ve no problem with that.

        I felt the Lego HP game was ideally suited to portability.

      • Yep. Was a poor port of an already sub-standard game. It’s much, much better on PS3.

      • Wait. Sorry, I was thinking of LEGO Harry Potter. Sorry.

      • Each to their own I suppose.

        I’ve played Lego HP on both PS3 (my sister has the second one, I own the first) and Vita.

        The PS3 one has bigger levels and more to do but becomes repetitive and boring to my mind. The Vita version is more focused, fits portable gaming beautifully, and although smaller, seems to be the right size.

        The graphics could have been better though (particularly the God-awful compression on cutscenes).

    • Mafia II was thoroughly enjoyed here. Interesting to see how engrossing a game gets when it doesn’t want you to stray from the main narrative. Mafia looked like an open world but it wasn’t really. It shuttled you around (metaphorically speaking) so you could get on with the excellent game.

      I’m hoping to snag some of the DLC in the Steam sale.

  5. I’ve only got When Vikings Attack from that lot so another great PS+ for me – thank you Mr Sony!

  6. Bloody hell, don’t Sony know some of us have jobs. I would definately like to play Spec Op: The Line and Mafia II, but I haven’t yet touched Catherine (hehe), XCOM or Sleeping Dogs!! Too many games!!

  7. I fancy another play of Mafia 2 and i’ll grab the Lego game for my Vita download queue.

  8. Shame there’s no DMC like predicted but I prefer N4S Most Wanted anyway, and definitely wanted Spec Ops The Line as well. Completed Mafia 2 ages ago but its a great game for those who haven’t played it.

  9. This is ridiculous. Combined with he steam sale, I won’t have enough time to buy a PS4.

    • Let me know if you need a hand enjoying your PS4. ;-)

  10. When Vikings Attack is cross buy so it’s PS3+Vita :-)

    • Cross buy doesn’t always apply to the PS+ games though, does it? Buy it, you get both. Get it with PS+, you only get one version.

      I could be wrong though. Something tells me that’s how it’s worked, but it’s too bloody hot to think properly.

      • Crossbuy has worked for me on Plus ;) always worth checking

      • As far as I’m aware it always works when it’s cross-buy. Even Limbo, which was an IGC giveaway on PS3 a fair while ago, allowed me to download the cross-buy Vita version when it was released recently.

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