State Of Decay Bound For PC This Year

Undead Labs’ record-breaking survival action title, State Of Decay, will be coming to PC later this year confirmed studio lead, Jeff Strain.

The game launched last month for Xbox Live and, within 48-hours, managed to rack a staggering 250,000 downloads. This number then doubled during its debut fortnight.

State Of Decay also received plenty of praise from critics, lauding the game for its open world survival gameplay despite some clunkiness and visual hiccups here and there.

The PC version, which doesn’t have a solid release date, will be coming to Steam’s Early Access scheme with controller support. The enhanced port will feature improved graphics and, though there are no mod tools included, Undead Labs have no objection to custom player-created content.

Source: Undead Labs Forums


  1. This is great news, Jim! Reviews have been decent and the negatives easily patched-out. I don’t think they were “bugs” either but definitely things that spoilt the game a smidge.

    The devs (Undead Labs) are a small, Seattle based studio and are keen on looking after the game seeing as they want to create a multiplayer version down the line (hopefully within a year or two). Count me in! I cannot wait to see what it’s like on the PC later this year.

    • Looking forward to this too. I’ve always been a sucker for a decent zombie game. Especially ones with broad mechanics, inventory management etc.

      • Agreed. It’s just too easy to say “ah, we’re tired of zombies” whereas, it’s really about the game-types themselves. It’s like saying “I’m bored of shooting Germans”. Never gonna happen! :-P

        Seriously, though… give me a great game with zombies or infected creatures (like The Last of Us) and I’m a happy chappie.

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