Xbox One Allows You to Play Games After Partially Downloading


The Xbox One and PS4 are seemingly increasingly hard to choose between. Obviously, there are factors which will sway people in the direction of one or the other depending on personal preference, but they’re very well matched now that Microsoft have changed some of their policies.

In line with this, Microsoft’s new console will allow you to play your games partway into the download, in the same way as Sony’s black box, as well as disc-based games while they’re installing. There’s no word on how much you’ll have to download before you can play the game, however.

Perhaps the real fight for next-gen comes down to how little you have to download on each console before being able to play the game. Or perhaps not; the PS4 has at least nine other top features that are worth a look.

Source: Polygon



  1. That’s good. That was a feature I particularly liked in the PS4 so it’s good that Xbox has it too. That said, I’m pretty set on the PS4 anyway.

  2. GDDR5 & Vita Remote Play. The Xbox One can put a hologram of Emma Stone on my lap and i’d still be day one PS4. I’ll get the new Xbox when it is much cheaper for exclusives, mainly Forza, but they lost me bigtime at E3.

    • Emma Stone, that’d swing the deal for me :). Where do I sign?

      • Yeah, I would switch for that

  3. When I eventually pick up an X1 (not jumping in on day-one now) I will no doubt go full digital. As such I like this feature a lot.

  4. Didn’t they already announce this feature for Xbox One?
    Anyway, it’s a cool feature i probably won’t make much use of, even on PS4. I won’t be buying digital versions of the bigger games if i have the choice, and it probably won’t make a huge difference to the wait for the smaller games..
    .. of course , even the smaller PS4 games might be much bigger files than on PS3 so i’ll have to wait and see how that goes but i don’t mind waiting 20 mins for a game to download and install… at least not until this feature spoils me :)

  5. you said it in the first paragraph ‘Microsoft have changed some of their policies’
    they should never have had stupid policies to change in the first place. I for one have lost faith and more than likely wont get an x box one for a good few years. such a weak company.

  6. To be honest i dont think the xbox one and the PS4 are very well matched if you look at the spec sheets for each console.

  7. This can only be a good thing, as 3rd parties will now be more likely to optimise their software for this feature on both consoles.

    • Very good point, fella. If it’s not mandatory (on the PS4) then it’s lovely to think it’ll become the normal anyway. Especially with the X1 doing the same.

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