Disney Infinity Tours The Incredibles Playset

When it launches next month, Disney Infinity won’t be your average straight-from-the-box experience. Much like Activision’s Skylanders, the game will feature toy figures which can be mounted on a device, transporting them into the game – no matter which version of Infinity you own.



The starter kit will set players up nicely with three iconic characters – Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sully, as well as three playsets based on the three relative film franchises.

In The Incredibles playset you will take on a variety of missions across a vibrant, sprawling city. As you progress you will also unlock items to use in Infinity’s Toybox mode which essentially lets players create their own adventures using objects and characters stripped from the Disney universe.

The only major downside to Disney Infinity is the asking price. Though the starter pack is fairly reasonable, individual figures will sit at around the £15 region, though 3-character bundles are available. So, Disney Infinity won’t be undercutting Skylanders on that front though the gameplay and quality of the figures could sway potential punters. That, and the undeniable allure Disney and Pixar has over just about everyone.



  1. If my little one was a year or two older, this would be fantastic I think. It looks great with all the Disney characters.

  2. Somehow I thought this was a next gen title..

    But install bases be bedamned it is ofcourse current gen..

    Saving al my money for next gen so no sale here..

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