PS3 Wireless Headsets Compatible With PlayStation 4

When it launches later this year, the PlayStation 4 will come bundled with an earbud-style headset that plugs directly into the Dualshock. No doubt Sony has plans for a range of high-end headsets too, but until then players are free to connect their old wireless devices as an alternative.

The Xbox One, on the other hand, won’t allow the use of 360 headsets. This is due to the latest gamepad revision which introduces a new port for headsets.


It’s not a total bummer for Xbox gamers however; if you don’t fancy buying whatever solution Microsoft has in the pipeline, you can always use Kinect. Also, it’s likely that USB-powered headsets, such as the Turtle Beach X range, will continue working on all platforms.

Source: Polygon



  1. Good to hear all USB powered headsets should still work on all platforms, as my Official PlayStation Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound headset hasn’t had that much use and it’s bloody brilliant (and I don’t want to have to pay out for another one).

    • I was just thinking about the official wireless headset today and now this article pops up. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! :P

      • Haha, indeed! I haven’t used mine for a while but I’m due to play Metro Last Light and Dishonored soon, which it should be perfect for! :)

      • I have the same one as Youles. It’s brilliant, both for sound quality on your end, as well as good clarity on the mic. GET IT!!

    • Sounds like I’m in good company as I’ve the same headset too. Been keeping my ear to the ground hoping to hear that this would be the case.

      [That PS3 headsets will work, not that Youles has the same one as me, that is. :-) ]

      • Indeed, you’re in impeccable company :p

  2. Great news, well done Sony. I might invest in that 7.1 headset I’ve had my eye on.

  3. sweet, although mine is never charged!!

  4. Im hoping my PX21’s will be compatible with PS4, fingers crossed.

  5. I’m glad my 7.1 official s.s. headset isn’t a waste of money. I also have barely used mine. It gets most of its use from Music Unlimited when wife and kids in bed on weekends. It makes the music sound so good.

  6. Love this, was thinking about it a few weeks ago. Nice going Sony! Peripheral backwards compatibility is awesome. :)

  7. Recently dropped £88 on the pulse elite headset… Marvellous that it’ll work on PS4.

  8. Thank God, i have a Turtle Beach headset that was quite expensive so was hoping i could still continue it on the PS4

  9. fantastic!

    so my astro a40s and a50s will work although the a40s will stay on ps3 and a50s for ps4


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