Release Date Set For Dragon’s Crown

Controversial 2D brawler/RPG, Dragon’s Crown, will hit the US on August 6th, publisher Atlus recently confirmed.

Thankfully, the quirky PlayStation exclusive is also bound for Europe. NIS America will be bringing the game over some time this Autumn.


Though available on both PlayStation 3 and Vita, it doesn’t seem as though Dragon’s Crown will adhere to the popular Cross-Buy scheme. Instead, those who want both the console and handheld experiences will have to pay for them separately. The same goes for online mutliplayer, with no crossover between the two versions. Save data, however, will be transferable.

Earlier this year Dragon’s Crown copped a spot of bother after several journalists spoke out about the game’s suggestive artwork. From a non partisan perspective all we can say is that it was a bit over-the-top, giving people more ammunition to use in the ongoing “women in video games” debate.



  1. Did not see anything “controversial” :P but I’m looking more forward to the Muramasa game :D

    • I didn’t either at first, then I noticed it wasn’t a baggy sleeve sticking out. The artwork is OTT but if its going to be on the box and it gets approved by whatever regulator is doing the job then what’s the harm? The Sun and Star have much worse on their front pages, on shelves and also at child height, why don’t the bandwagon hoppers do some good and have a winge about them instead.

  2. they have gone a little over the top with the sexualisation, the sorceress especially is a bit ludicrous, from the pose in the artwork where she seems to have the silly string spine that allows her to show off her arse and breasts at the same time.
    and there’s no way those things are staying in that dress, not if she does anything more vigorous than sitting down.
    maybe she cast a spell to keep them in

    anyway, at least the women in this game are kick arse combatants not just there to be rescued or some prize to be won.

    i find the whole damsel in distress thing much more offensive.
    give me Lara Croft in her bikini raiding some tombs, rather than Peach in a frumpy pink dress that shows no skin waiting to be rescued any day of the week.

    and finally about the game.
    got there eventually.

    it actually looks loads of fun.
    i love a good scrolling beat em up, and i love a good rpg, or even a bad one on occasion if i’m honest.
    so combining the two is fantastic for me.
    like the recent D&D games.
    great, but limited by their arcade origins i feel.
    a similar game but designed as a console game first should mean a lot more depth than an arcade title could have.

    anyway, i can’t wait, it’d be nice if it goes on Plus, or at least a Plus discount, but this is a title i really want to get anyway.

  3. ‘Boobs of Rage’

  4. Nice was contemplating importing but now i’ll wait and support EU release of NIS games.

    Hopefully it’s retail release then it will be import.

  5. Couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sorceress artwork! They must be taking the piss!

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