Sony’s Trophy Auction Being Ruined By Cheaters

Sony’s rather cool online auction, where you bid on PlayStation goodies with your Gold trophies, is being ruined by cheaters using custom firmware, according to online reports.

The system, dubbed Bid for Greatness, challenges core gamers to bid for real-life items using Gold PSN trophies, and although you get to keep your virtual silverware the idea of tactical bidding across all the items was quite enticing.

Sadly, it sounds like some users, apparently running unofficial, custom firmware and/or using a series of exploits and hacks, are able to somehow dupe their trophies and increase their Gold trophy count, making winning against others in the auctions all too trivial.

The reports include one rather damning one on the official PlayStation forums, where someone was out-bid by a reported cheater, apparently discovered by the timestamps on that user’s trophies, freely available on a few different websites online.

One user in particular seemed to ‘Platinum’ – get the Platinum trophy which involves getting all other trophies – five games in a single minute; fifty games in seven days.

Thankfully, this seems to be gathering momentum now.

If anyone reading this at Sony needs more information, let us know.


  1. A shame but inevitable really.

    • Indeed – and there will be accounts that are shared by a group or a couple of people too. And what about individuals who have hacked one game….it’s gonna be pretty hard to police. Hopefully it’ll be easy enough for Sony to establish which accounts are legit.

  2. Oh dear, it’s all becoming a bit like a ‘Cash for Gold’ farce.
    Shouldn’t be a problem to root out false trophy claimants during the bidding process and ban them automatically ?

    • Maybe that was their intention all along! :P

  3. Here comes the ban hammer!

  4. As usual, the dickheads and cheaters of this world ruin the good things people like to enjoy.

  5. Ban them. Dirty cheats.

    Why would anyone even go to such lengths for this? It’s not like they’re giving away free Vita’s or PS4’s. Seems like a lot of effort for what you’re actually bidding on. Idiots.

  6. Ah this is sad. The person who won the first costume, won it at 1050 gold trophies, and the clicker costume is currently at 700ish. If those are legit then I guess when it comes to Europe we will have no chance! (except Del). I thought i was doing alright with my 3300 trophies but i only have 250 gold! Damn!

    • I’m not one to really care about trophies, so I think I have hardly any at all, probably about 20, ha ha.

    • I wouldn’t bid on all as it is unfair to others, but I would bid something I really like (Looking at Killzone)

  7. I have 321 gold trophies at the moment & i am trying not to get any more, as i like the reference to dusty bin.

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