Why I Can Wait For The Next Gen

The odds of me getting a PS4 or Xbox One at launch were always going to be low, the amount of money they’re asking for simply doesn’t match up with the amount of money I have available to invest in a new machine.

I could probably buy on credit, but unless I’m buying something I truly can’t afford without credit, like a house, the thought leaves me a bit nervous; do I really want that weight hanging around my neck just to get a new console? However, things seem to be conspiring to make my future lack of a new console a lot easier to swallow.

Take third party titles as an example. We were always going to be in a situation where a lot of third party titles would come to both the current and next generation, but with the likes of Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV and Batman: Arkham Origins all hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360, the next generation really does feel like it can wait a bit.

There’s obviously the exclusives as well, somewhere the PS3 really shines. Sony have the intriguing Beyond: Two Souls, the intimidating Gran Turismo 6 and the enchanting Puppeteer all coming later this year, and I’ve still got to take a look at The Last of Us at some point soon.

That’s not to say that next gen titles don’t look great of course, Drive Club looks fantastic and while many dismissed Ryse it certainly caught my attention. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 are going to have great stuff arriving, even if we may have to wait till 2014 for some of each platform’s announced exclusives.

I’m sure all those games will be absolutely fantastic, and some of the things like The Crew and Sunset Overdrive that are coming a little later into the next generation have sunk their claws into me with startling rapidity. The thing is, I’m not sure they’re good enough to justify the outlay on the console, and then the additional outlay on buying those games, particularly as they may well be more expensive than current gen games.

That outlay seems even crazier when I look at the backlog of games I’ve still got to play. I’ve not only got a good chunk of old Xbox 360 games to play, including some big games like Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but I’ve got a hefty catalogue of games sitting on my PS3 from PlayStation Plus.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the value for money that Plus offers subscribers, so I won’t go into it too much here, but the games that the service offers really do start to stack up quite quickly. Although I’ve managed to work my way through the rather disappointing single player of Battlefield 3 recently, I’ve still got massive games like Saints Row the Third completely untouched, and huge chunks of Just Cause 2 and inFamous 2 still to explore.

It doesn’t look like PlayStation Plus’ onslaught of quality titles is going to let up any time soon either, with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II and Spec Ops: The Line all coming in August, and all looking like they’ll be worth my time. I fully expect September and October to bring us more goodies, and they’ll likely be more still even after the PS4’s launch.

Beyond anything else, PlayStation Plus really is the thing that means I’m not done with this generation yet. Sure, Sony are working hard to bring us wonderful indie titles and I certainly appreciate that, and even Microsoft are making a vague stab at giving me games as part of my Gold subscription, but the way that Sony continually deliver games of exceptional quality straight to my hard drive makes me feel that there’s more than enough life in my PS3 to keep me going for quite some time.

The next generation will certainly have the latest and most impressive titles on offer, and may well even have games that are simply more fun than what’s available via my current consoles, but as things stand I’ve still got so much enjoyment to wring out of my PS3 and Xbox 360 before I give them up. Why on earth would I want to spend a minimum of £349 to replace them?



  1. Saw the title, thought “I bet this is Kris”. Ta da! :-P

    • When my flat mate moves out we won’t have an HDTV in the front room again.

      • So really, who doesn’t own a HDTV in 2013? It really baffles my mind the thought of people still using old CRT monitors for gaming on, especially as you can get budget ones at a decent size for under £100. Some needs dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century :)

      • I don’t, because I never seem to have any money. I have a LCD screen for my PC, but an HDTV at a decent size is still a bit pricey for me.

      • Currys are doing a 50inch LED tv for £500, I know coz I bought one the other week ands its awesome if you need a link I will find it and put on the comments.

      • Haha, think you may have missed the point where Kris pointed out “I never seem to have any money”.

        £500 for someone who has NO money might be a bit of a stretch! :D

      • I recently picked up a second hand HD Fury Gamer Edition lead for less than £50 all in. Whilst the HDMI TV rots next door to pants TV, I’m now thoroughly enjoying 720p gaming through my old school projector & various monitors at work!
        (PS it does make a difference Kris, particularly when trying to read objectives goes.)

      • Oh god, yeah… if we’re being sensible about things then Kris’ article has some great points. The thing is, people who are going to buy a PS4 at launch aren’t thinking with their heads. They’re thinking with their hearts. They’re indulging and satisfying that lovely “want”. They want the best PlayStation ever. They want something new and shiny. They want new games and new experiences. They want to rub people’s noses in it (thankfully 99% of people aren’t like that). They want to get whipped up into a frothy frenzy of excitement & nervous joy as they wire it all up and sit back for the first time to see how the new gen does things.

        God knows, I know that because I want one too! Thankfully, my brain is telling me to behave so I’ll wait a little while longer and see how I go in a month or two’s time. If all the PS4s have been pre-ordered from every retail outlet going, I’ll wait. :-)

      • Tell your brain to shut it! Listen to your heart! :D

    • The first time I read the title I read it as “Why I Can’t Wait For The Next Gen”. I was mistaken:p

      • Did that, then re-read it and realised it would be a Kris article. He’s actively slowing down the progression of all technology with his curmudgeonly ways. :-P

        Rumour has it that the International Space Station would’ve been up and running a full two years sooner if Kris hadn’t written to NASA, asking why they’re wasting their time in space when they could be enjoying re-runs of ‘Muffin the Mule’. :-)

      • Hell no I want more space travel!

      • Personally, I think Kris has a valid point. There are a shed load of great things going down PS3 wise just now. I’ve always been a day 1 adopter & whilst the PS4 looks great, I’m not sure I can justify the outlay at this point in time.

  2. I’m ready for next gen and I’m not spending any more on games over the next few months because I’m saving for a PS4. As an Xbox 360 owner the quality of games and exclusives has been severely lacking the past few years and I’m hoping that will change with the PS4.

    For me it’s not about the cost, it’s about how I feel coming to the end of this generation. Last year I wasn’t hyped or bothered about moving to next gen but now I’m really excited. I am more than happy to plonk down my cash on launch day and enjoy my PS4

    • Same here, I’ve only bought one game in the last four or five months So I’ve got some time to play the PS+ games and finish the PS3 games I’ve got. Roll on PS4.

  3. It certainly seems like this gen (the PS3 in particular) is not ready to wind down yet. With GT6, GTA5 and Saints Row 4 this gen is making sure I have very little money to put aside for the next!

  4. Ideally I’d have loved the PS4 to be released next year, just so I can catch up with some of my backlog. But as for new PS3 games I’m only going to get Beyond: Two Souls and GTA V. There are other games that I’m interested in (Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4 and CoD: Ghosts ) but those are available on PS4 so it makes sense to have the respective “premium” versions (if I can afford the console).
    However I’m excited for PS4 for all the awesome features like cross-game chat, the Share button, a hopefully much quicker interface and PS Store, and the Vita compatibility!! Bring it on!

  5. Crikey, even Sony aren’t ready for next gen yet.

  6. who said anything about replacing them?
    My PS3 will sit proudly near the PS4 (and black Wii U).

  7. It’s not secret that the PS4 will arrive no later than November so I’m asking myself:
    What game comes out in November or later that I really want to play and the only thing I can come up with is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3, which is February 2014 (wtf SE? *sigh*).
    Still on my definitely buy list of games is Rayman Legends in August and that’s about it. Puppeteer and Beyond: Two Souls are maybes and one of them will probably come out before the PS4 so that might be off the table by then, too.
    Pupeteer, while looking great, will not delay my PS4 purchase and come November the majority of multi-platform titles will be cross-gen games.
    Now I’m really not a graphics whore but if I have the choice, I will take the superior version any day of the week.
    Thankfully, 400€ is something I can afford without having to cut back drastically so there really isn’t much there to hold me back.

    Oh GT5… I almost forgot about that. I couldn’t beat half the challenges in that game and it will definitely be upported to the PS4 without the minor niggles the PS3 version definitely will have and I’m really looking forward to DriveClub so that will keep me busy until it arrives on the PS4.

    • Also forgot GTA5… Well, let’s just say I bought GTA4 during the Steam sale for 5€ and still didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth… I’ll pick Watch_Dogs over GTA5 any day of the week.



    • Me too. Although not really sure why.

      • We’re man-childs! I know I’m one… I’m as giddy for next gen as I was when I was a little kid! I love the feeling. :D

      • Totally want now.
        Can’t afford though!

      • You know why.

  9. It’s like Sony don’t want us to buy a PS4 just yet. I won’t actually be getting any game with my PS4 as I simply can’t afford it. With Beyond, GTA and F1 2013 all heading to PS3 before the PS4 hits I will want to get the full experience out of them first.

  10. Oh… and have I mentioned before that I’d LOVE to see Sony and other publishers push a cross-by version of games in the future.

    Much in the same way that people can buy a BluRay with DVD and digital copy – and we can now buy a PS3 game with a Vita copy, how good would it be for the PS4 if publishers and Sony sold versions of Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4 and CoD: Ghosts that were PS4 ready?

    You’d pay the PS4 price for the game (assuming a premium), get the PS3 disc and then a code (on that disc) to use for the PS4 – and saves could pick up where you’d gotten to.

    • Or not. I don’t see why us PS3 only gamers should have to pay the price for a PS4 game we have no intention of using.

      • If it works as he described you would still be able to buy a standalone ps3 version or ps4 version.

      • Why would you want a cross gen version? If you have both consoles, surely you will go for the next gen version and if that came with a PS3 code, you wouldn’t play the lower quality version, right? It would only make sense if you had a PS3 but no PS4 and wnted to play the game before you bought a PS4 but you couldn’t really sell that copy because half of it would then be bound to your account and unless you regularly replay games you have already played, the digital copy will just gather dust on your PS4’s HDD.

        Nope, this doesn’t really make sense.

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