Worms Revolution Extreme Announced For PS Vita

When I was younger I loved the Worms franchise. Who could withstand opposing worm armies going to war using such weapons as the holy hand grenades and the concrete donkey? Hours were spent facing my friends on this absurd battleground.

Now Team17 has announced that the worms will be coming to the PS Vita later this year in Worms Revolution Extreme. The game itself will contain 45 single player missions and 25 puzzles. Both local and online multiplayer will also be available allowing up to 4 participants, with modes including Classic, Deathmatch and Forts.


The Vita version will also make use of the touch panels, with the front screen allowing the change of camera angles and weapaon selection, while the back panel will allow for weapon aiming.

There will also be cross platform features with the PS3, allowing saves to be transferred between the two systems so you can continue the game on the big screen or the Vita. The most interesting cross platform feature is something called Treasure Mode. During matches you’ll earn keys and chests but you can only join up with a friend who has the matching chest or key to unlock the items inside. By the wording in the blog post it looks like this can be done 10 times between two friends.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Worms is great, but I would rather play it with same-couch multiplayer. That is how it should be played in my mind. Game seems to look alright, but I’m not sure how I feel about the 3D.

    Anone else struggling to use the galleries? The frame keeps moving when I change picture, would be nice if this could be resolved. I am using Chrome on Android.

  2. I wish they went back to the Worms World Party art style and physics. That version is still by far the best Worms out there.

    • Armageddon HD on PS3 edges it in my opinion, it feels more straightforward.

      • The PS1 games were when it was at it’s peak, with the sheer multitude of weapons such Aqua Sheep and Super Bananabomb.

      • Again, the physics in that game are far inferior to WWP.
        It’s all about the rope action. If that doesn’t feel right, nothing does. Maybe I just played too much “Shoppa” towards the end of that games lifecycle…
        Ah, good old Oilrig!

  3. Fantastic. I’ve always loved these games.

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