Ryse Digital Comic Now Available

Microsoft has launched the first of three digital comics based on the upcoming Crytek action adventure game, Ryse: Son of Rome.

The graphic novel trilogy is said to be interactive and will also dish out rewards to be used in-game. What these Xbox One unlocks are and how they will work remains unclear, though its likely users will be given codes to use when Ryse launches later this year. That, or the interactive comic directly communicates with your Xbox Live account.

Anyway, here’s a small synopsis:

In defense of his beloved Rome, Centurion Damocles would give his life. But when it is taken from him by his corrupt generals, he returns from the Underworld to exact brutal revenge—and to save Rome from the men who betrayed him.

Ryse: Son of Rome originally started life as a Kinect-only action game for Xbox 360 before Crytek remoulded it into its current state. Though visually impressive and true to its underlying themes, Ryse caught quite a bit of flak from onlookers for its excessive use of quick time events.


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  1. Presumably more interactive than the game…

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