More Infamous: Second Son Screens Impress

We don’t normally do screenshot posts, but these – and the second shot in particular – are lovely.

Sucker Punch clearly have the edge on PlayStation 4 visuals just now (Second Son is arguably the best looking game by some margin) which is especially notable given it’s an open world title rather than one more constrained.

The shots appeared this evening on the developer’s official Facebook page, apparently in response to the positivity given from press and consumers over the last set.

Our latest preview on the game is here. Read it.



  1. the second shit looks close to reality! Impressive stuff.

  2. Those look fantastic, i didn’t enjoy the first two games so much but i’ll be tempted to get this just to explore the world they’ve created.

  3. looks great

  4. Impressive most impressive..

  5. Looks really, really good. Day one purchase for sure and I’m not even an Infamous fan!

  6. Beautiful stuff. Looking forward to seeing this on my TV come 2014. :-)

  7. Probably my most anticipated PS4 title yet.

  8. Literally the only thing i would want a PS4 for at the moment.

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