Xbox One Can Store Five Minutes Of Recorded Gameplay

During a Killer Instinct stage demo at San Diego Comic Con Microsoft Studios’ Ken Lobb revealed that up to five minutes of gameplay, of the last game played, is recorded and stored on the Xbox One’s hard drive. This footage can then be edited and uploaded to share with friends.

However, earlier this year Sony demonstrated the PS4 has the same feature, though there seems to be some confusion as to how long clips can be. Initially it was thought the limit was 15 minutes, but last week Sony’s Neil Brown suggested that the final limit may be seven minutes (via).

While the One’s limit is less compared to what Sony are offering there was the interesting mention of how the Kinect could be used. Players will be able to record a commentary through Kinect to add to the clip, and add extra clips recorded by the sensor. Whether PS4 owners can do the same using the camera or microphone hasn’t really been touched upon.

Online gameplay will also be stored but the limit is 30 seconds of recorded footage. Expect more news on these streaming and uploading features as we get closer to release.

Source: Gamespot 

Update: Sony has confirmed the 15 minute limit, clearing up the confusion regarding the seven minute statement.



  1. Somehow i magine Microsoft execs dumping all this recent features on the OS programmers to implement it until release.

  2. Re: online gameplay. It’s still 5 minutes, but the game can grab 30 seconds at your request (you shout at Kinect) and store it for later, as you can’t pause online.

    • …and then Kinect shuts down your game, opens up the sports channel, and goes on bing to look for recorders (the musical instrument)

  3. I hope the PS4 is more than 7 mins, but if it is I wonder if you can stack the saves, e.g. after 7 mins hit share then do same after another 7 mins?

  4. Would be good to capture a whole round of an online game for example, but 5mins and the ability to record your commentary along with adding extra clips should be right for what works online.

    Can’t see publishers worried about their IP flying with PS4’s 15mins, perhaps that’s where 7mins comes from, although with possible extra steps needed to record commentary the Xbox One route could be the more useful

    • Hopefully, it’ll inspire people to upload and do their own “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. Someone, somewhere has to replace the unfunny cock-jockeys that are currently there.

      “Hey, ya’ll… it’s Chet and welcome back to… “. Seriously, there’s only so much people can take of users like that. Give them a few hundred subscribers and they think they’re the next Dave Lee Travis (but without the (alleged) child fiddling). :-)

      • Delete the ‘Lee Travis’ and replace child fiddling with barmaid fiddling and you get me! :)

      • I want you to be the other end of my Kinect.

      • I’m not too sure what that means but I’m scarred!

      • *Scared!
        Scared and scarred… mentally!

  5. Kinda sucks for Let’s Plays and stuff then if you can’t get a whole MP round in, or have to keep hitting record for a SP mission.

  6. That’s a bit crap. 5 minutes is not long enough as some online matches can last up to an hour. If you are playing a RPG and have just defeated a very hard boss and want to boast to your friends about it by sending them the clip. Chances are, 5 minutes won’t even scratch the surface. For example, Ornstien and Smough from Dark Souls are one of the game’s hardest bosses and do take more then 5 minutes to defeat. I really hope this is just a concept at teh moment and MS are just looking for ways to increase the limit. Hopefully, both consoles will have a limit of an hour as that would be a decent limit.

    • I think Sony (and Microsoft) won’t want to actively encourage recordings of entire play-through of their games. Leaving it to the dedicated few seems good to me. 95% of people will simply be uploading two minute clips along the lines of “me being an ass-hat in GTA V”. Rinse, repeat.

      • Good point, extra steps & expense required to capture gameplay the normal way keeps it away from most of the rabble

      • True but entire playthroughs rarely take an hour to do so. An hour is nothing in games like Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls. And it would be free marketing for them as sometimes, people watch playthroughs to see what the game is like.

        If I ever end up having access to PSN and a PS4, I can see myself uploading a video called “Steven takes Mike from behind” or “Why Steven should never be allowed to pilot anything or Steven tries to kill Mike by trying to crash a helicopter into him after jumping out of it.”

      • Ah, it’s not really the case. A trillion five minute uploads will be advertising and exposure. There’ll also be semi-professional type walkthroughs which we all find handy from time-to-time. However, there won’t be a gazillion of the latter and that has to be a good thing!

        Don’t forget that a “Steve’s Five Minute Review” could easily become popular on YouTube and indicate to you that a capture card for Christmas is in order. You know… take the next step.

  7. I wonder if this means that YouTube is going to be flooded with clips, and it’ll be hard to find something you actually need – much like when teenage cover songs and you can only find their shite renditions.

    • *teenagers

      • Nevermind YouTube… what about my PS4 homescreen being flooded with crap like Facebook machine with a joypad

      • Very true! :O

  8. Seems like Sony definitely have the upper hand here as the ps4 has dedicated hardware for recording. I would be disappointed even if 15 minutes was the limit. I hope this is just the cache it stores, and if you actually choose to record then you can for much longer, at least half an hour

  9. Well, without an AV-analogue out connection (confirmed) on the PS4 things aren’t looking too promising for home game capture anyway. It’ll still be possible to join/edit/shop PS4 share clips via certain channels but will be a long winded tit around!

  10. I’ve never had any interest in watching what others have done on a game. I can see next gen players with lots on their friend lists getting bombarded with “look at my video, I just did blah blah”

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