PS4 Gets FCC Approval In The US, Could We See It Earlier Than Expected?

As far as the FCC are concerned, the PlayStation 4 is ready to go. The next-gen console passed Federal Communications Commission checks this week, meaning that in terms of radio and wi-fi compliance over in the States, Sony’s PS4 is A-ok.

The filing reports final model numbers for the console – CUH-1001A – and point to fabrication in both Japan and China. They also show the same maximum clock frequency as the dev kits: 2.75GHz, although that’s likely to refer to the memory.

The filing could also point to an earlier-than-expected launch for teh console, which is still pinned officially at ‘2013’. Although the console is clearly ready to roll though, the game’s aren’t.

October, perhaps?



  1. October seems to coincide with rumours on when BF4 will be released, I think. Good news though

  2. I will quite happily buy it in September and polish it for a month until a game is released.

  3. Bet the DriveClub boys are sweating. As if their deadline wasn’t tight enough….!

  4. I think a few online stores have shifted their PS4 release dates to October recently

  5. For some reason I’ve always said October.

  6. I’m hoping it’ll be October but didn’t Ubisoft say Watch_Dogs will be a launch title on the PS4? W_D comes out on the 19th of November in the USA and on the 22nd in Europe. Could it miss the launch date or could they release the PS4 version earlier?
    I was planning on getting W_D with my PS4 purchase…

  7. If the games are ready – bring it on! :)

  8. Makes sense to get the console ready through the FCC checks and then build up console stock ready for launch. This way the console will be fully ready for launch in Oct/Nov when the big games are being lined up for release.

  9. Getting it out earlier and $100 cheaper than MS will be a massive win for Sony. They just need a massive advertising campaign so that Joe public knows it’s out and what it can do.

  10. It’s my birthday in October!! Go on Sony be nice and let me have my present in October.

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