PS4 To Retain Bronze, Silver, Gold And Platinum Trophy Structure

ps4 trophies

One of the screens from the recent Android interface output shows off the collected trophies for launch title Knack, alongside what appears to be an in-game gift from a friend, much like the Vita’s still slightly confusing location-based software Near.

It’s not terribly clear what the trophy section is showing – it’s unlikely to be the player’s collected trophies for that game as the numbers are too high, despite the percentage – but it does clearly show bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies, the same as for the PS3 and PS Vita.

Not that any of this should be a huge shock, Sony were unlikely to change what’s working so well, and there’s the chance that this is nothing more than a mock-up, but trophies are hugely important to lots of PlayStation gamers, so some mention, however vague, is nice.



  1. Yea well obvious?

    When Vita came out it had the same with using same account – ps4 will be again same using same account for the trophies.

    But that screenie is weird 45 gold for 1 game? :D

  2. It’s just missing the trophy level, 62% of which trophy level? Pretty sure It is a mock up, I don’t think there’s enough games in development yet for 45 Gold’s to be earnt.

  3. I really hope that is gonna show the trophies you got in the game as well as the percentage of the game, and that they just put the wrong numbers in there. Wouldn’t be far out to have an artist with little knowledge of the trophy system to make that image.

  4. Maybe that trophy bit shows your total trophy count and the image shows last trophy unlocked?

  5. 62% is probably the percentage of trophies earned from the total available for all games played, ie. 62% of say 1000 trophies available to be unlocked by the games that have been loaded onto that account

    • Possibly, a bit like the stats PSNprofiles uses.
      Another thing that emphasises the picture being a mock up, can’t imagine anyone earning all of those golds without getting the occasional platinum….most silvers and bronzes for the games would have been earned en-route to getting those golds anyway.

  6. Always liked the B/S/G system. Not perfect but still preferably over Achievement Points IMO.

    • There isn’t really any difference between the two platform. The mechanics are the same just the output 50GS/Gold

      • The only thing I do like about the PS approach is that platinum award you get when completing the original trophy list.
        That said, I hate when DLC brings trophy percentages down. Having my Uncharted 3 100% drop to 51% overnight after that huge DLC update sucked, lol

      • Actually, the mechanics are not the same I think, trophies of the same grade can count towards diffrerent values in your overall level %.

      • @beeje13: That is not true. Bronze=15 Silver=30 Gold=90 Platinum=180.

  7. glad about this, if it ain’t broke…

    Also glad to hear the PS3 headset will work with the PS4

    Looking forward to the PS4

  8. Trophies I just find a distraction, I know its good for some people but I just want to play the game and not worry about collecting trophies, I don’t see the point of them really.

    • in fact I’m glad I can turn off the notifications now.

  9. This is good news for all the Trophy Hoors out there. :)

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