Sony Santa Monica Teasing God Of War Announcement

Sony Santa Monica have taken to Twitter with a teaser video posted via Instagram.


Before you get your pants in a bunch the bitesize clip clearly shows footage from God of War: Ascension; its competitive multiplayer to be more specific.

As Hercules watches from the outskirts of an arena, two champion trigger what can only be described as a co-op finisher on their hapless adversary.

Whether this is a new mode or just another update in the pipeline remains unclear. Players who shelled out for the Ascension season pass haven’t seen a nugget of content bar a selection of multiplayer weapons and armour. Could the studio finally be announceing a substantive add-on for Kratos’ latest outing?

Meanwhile, Santa Monica confirmed that a new “large” competitive map is coming along with a new weapon type, “the Gauntlets.” Both will be free to all players.



  1. Hopefully not a new game. The serie needs a big rest.

    • I disagree, the series doesn’t need a rest just need a new hero & a mythology

      • I’m with you on that, can always come back to Kratos after a break.

      • I agree, but I’d prefer a fantasy setting over a new mythology. And a Vita game please, if the PSP could deliver Ghost of Sparta, I can only imagine….

    • Gow needs a rest? You crazy!

      Cod needs a rest, permanently!!

  2. This kind of thing is why I will never buy a Season Pass. I would much rather wait and buy it if I want it when it is released even if it costs more, seen too many season passes that fail to deliver recently.

    • Actually, in this case there is no season pass outside of a bonus addition in the CE, and on top of that, the only things to buy are what I believe to be skins for characters and weapons.

      New gameplay modes and maps have all been free so far.

      Can’t really argue with that.

  3. Was hoping for a Vita release.

    Good to see Ascension being supported well, the updates so far with new modes etc have been very welcome A sizeable DLC update makes sense.

    Have seen GoW:A for £14.99 on the bargain hunting sites… What a bargain!

    • Ain’t they releasing the HD collections on the vita, I’m sure they announced that somewhere

    • Ascension on Vita would be very nice.

      I’m really feeling the lack of AAA games. Plenty of Indie ones which is good but I need a new Uncharted, AC etc… on the go

  4. this is the biggest yawn series on PlayStation for me, i just don’t get the appeal, maybe i should post it in that forum thread!

    • I agree. Never has anger been so boringly dull.

  5. This game needs a cool down period, I’m bored of hearing about it to be honest, let alone playing it.

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