Microsoft Keeps Xbox One Game Prices Same As Xbox 360’s

Microsoft won’t put out first party titles for Xbox One higher than an RRP of £50, it’s emerged today. The platform holder will therefore be keeping their games at the same price as they did with the Xbox 360, at least according to listings on the Microsoft Store.

Naturally, third parties (hi, Activision) are free to push higher, as they may well do with Call of Duty when the demand is there, but like Sony, Microsoft are keen to ensure their own games – including exclusives like Forza 5 – remain at the current market price.

Of course, supermarkets and online retailers will discount these – paying £50 for a game is uncommon unless you’re paying full RRP. Indeed, Amazon has already followed suit.



  1. 1st party holding existing price points.

    Fully expect EA etc to do the same, so NfS, AC4 etc will be £69.99 on the store

  2. Same prices as current gen games most likely, but the bargain bin market will be like an evolving dinosaur, at least for the first year I’d imagine.

  3. well thats good I guess

  4. I wondered, as neither of the consoles are (expected to) not making a loss, maybe profit even, that platform license costs may be reduced slightly?

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