PSN Store Update: 24/07/2013 – “Stealth Inc” Your Weekly Highlight

After last week’s less than fruitful PSN Store Update, at least this week sees a decent game to play: the retitled, retooled Stealth Inc which is available for PS3 and PS Vita for £7.99, although it’s cross buy. You can read our review of the game here.


Also available is a Ubisoft double-pack in the shape of Gunslinger and Far Cry: Blood Dragon for £20, and quirky action game Do Not Fall! for PS3. There’s also a PayDay 2 pre-order bundle, for £30.

More DLC? How about an eight quid pack for Aliens, a couple of free skins for Assassin’s Creed III, El Diablo’s Domain (two quid) for Guacamelee! and some armour for God Of War: Ascension. There’s a few other bits and bats too, including (another) costume for Dead Or Alive 5.

Everybody’s Golf is out today too, for £12. It’s a remaster of the PS Vita launch title. Not hugely exciting, but we’ve seen worse. Much worse. If anything else pops up this afternoon we’ll let you know.



  1. The wardrobes in Dead or Alive 5 must be bulging at the seams by now!

    • Yes, it is. Thank God for PS vita and doa 5 plus.

  2. I’m tempted by Stealth Inc but not sure I want it enough to pay the 8 quid. I shall be picking up the Guacamelee and AC3 DLC though!

    • Also, I hope there aren’t as many shite avatars as there has been recently – makes using the Store on the console even more frustrating when looking through the “New This Week”.

      • There are

      • There have been a lot of crappy and over-priced avatars recently – but you can use the filter at the top if you just want to see this weeks games or add-ons.

      • Oh right, ta, I’ll try and use the filter in future ;)

  3. I think the Stealth Inc. DLC is free if you buy the game in the next two weeks. (

  4. As I already have Stealth Inc. (Bastard) through Steam and also on Android I don’t know if I really want to fork out 8 quid for another copy of it.

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