Battlefield 4 Battlelog Details Coming Later Today

The official Battlefield Twitter feed has confirmed that DICE will be showing off the all-new Battlelog later today.

For those in the dark, Battlelog is basically EA’s take on Call of Duty Elite, Activison’s quasi-social network in which gamers can easily access and share multiplayer stats. Battlelog was also used as a vehicle to promote Battlefield Premium.


The image above suggests that DICE will be launching a video walkthrough of the updated service.

Currently, both Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter are hooked up to Battlelog.

We’ll have more for you later today.



  1. Battlelog was utter turd. When I’m playing a game, I really want all of the features to be available in the game, what I don’t want is to have to get my laptop out. Why can’t it all just be in-game?

    • Battlelog is crap, I hardly go on it. What do you need to go on Battlelog that isn’t in game?

      • For those of us that play on PC, Battlelog is how the entire multiplayer aspect of the game is handles, the server-lists, stats, everything.

        I hated the idea on BF3’s launch, but it’s not that bad really, though I’d still prefer it all to be in-game I do concede that it makes getting into a game a pretty quick endeavor.

    • This. God damn launch titles like Resistance: Fall of Man had detailed stat screens in game. Showing the ribbons and medals you’d earned (which you can do in game on BF3) as well as the players overall kills and deaths for each individual weapon, and as well as the players amount of wins and losses on each individual game mode. Developers now like to strip the ‘statistics’ side of MP out of their games and promote them on some kind of second service. It’s damn right pathetic if I’m being honest, and just another way to spin the PR bullshit of ‘keeping everybody connected whether on tablet, phone, PC or console’.

  2. I quite liked Battlelog in BF3. I already had a PC/laptop next to me anyway as I would be on Skype with the TSA guys in the game so that wasn’t an issue. It was nice to be able to just look at Battlelog at the end of the game and see the TSA guys in the game topping the stats. It wouldn’t be something id ever be interested in paying for, but it was ok as a freebie.

  3. Wish they would incorporate it into the game. I hardly touch b.log, elite on the other is great. Much more accessible & fluid. (8ball unlocked a silencer, woop woop.)

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