F.E.A.R Returns As F2P Online Shooter

Bone-chilling FPS franchise, F.E.A.R, is set to make a return though not in the way many were no doubt expecting.

Teaming up with Korean studio, Inplay Interactive, and Aeria Games, Warner Bros. today announced F.E.A.R Online, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter.


Promising to be the “next chapter” in Warner’s popular horror series, Online will offer both competitive and co-op modes.


The former will comprise of conventional game types spread across a variety of terror-inducing locales. Competitive play will also feature Soul King, F.E.A.R 3’s signature mode in which players vie for supremacy by possessing one another.

Co-op was also confirmed, pitting four players against a cluster of missions featuring series antagonist, Alma Wade. The story will run parallel to the events of F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin.

Beta sign-ups are now live. The game is currently PC-only.



  1. I lost interest in this series after so many let downs, fear (the first one) was a masterpiece

  2. The first FEAR is brilliant, but I didn’t finish the second one and didn’t even bother with the third. I would like a proper single player installment, but I’m not too annoyed about this as the multiplayer from FEAR 1 was amazing (see: FEAR Combat).

    • Saw the FEAR Combat video – did not know the multiplayer in FEAR was that good. Thanks, will be a good title for a lan party ^^

  3. Yay… another Fear game to ignore.

  4. I predict….this will all be forgotten about in a year or so and then they will announce Fear 4 (4ear?) as a ‘proper’ sequel.

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