DualShock 4 Now Available to Pre-Order

You can now pre-order any additional DualShock 4 controllers that you want to go along with your PlayStation 4. They’re available on Amazon at the hefty price of £54.99, which is actually more than the £54 RRP. Let’s hope they come down in price before release.

In the US, the controller is going for the RRP of $59.99, with three cents off that if you order from Amazon. What a saving! You may note that this is a bit cheaper than in the UK, but it’s the same for all hardware when you account for taxes, shipping costs and such.

Likewise, the PS4 camera can be pre-ordered for £44.99 via Amazon.co.uk, though curiously remains at $59.99 – the same price (and RRP) as the controller in the US – on Amazon.com.

These accessories currently come in “Jet Black”, which hints that there should be other colours on the way.



  1. Cant see many people throwing their pads around in rage if their 55 a pop

    • It will probably be around £45 when it’s closer to release.

  2. I think I’ll wait for a bit to see if there are any decent two player games. I hope there are. Still expensive as they usually are then.

  3. I pre ordered an extra DS4 at the same time I pre ordered my PS4 from Game.

  4. Do current gen DS3 controllers work with the PS4?

  5. I sincerely hope that price drops to £45 max, ideally £40.

  6. As usual poor ShopTo gets forgotten:
    £5 cheaper and offers a price promise.

  7. The DS4 has been available to pre-order on Amazon for a while. Almost ordered one at least a week ago but decided against it based on price.

  8. I’ve got one on pre-order for under £50.00 using a discount code. Be even better if the price comes down before launch. Did the same for the camera.

  9. I will probably pick up a second controller soon afterwards so i can charge one while using the other. I expected the DS4 to be more expensive than the DS3 so the price seems pretty reasonable to me.

  10. Well we’ve been paying roughly the same amount for controllers this gen so no surprises there!
    P.S. Glad to have just joined the TSA community. Been a fan/stalker of the site for two years but after the new update I finally decided to join in!

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