Saints Row IV Refused Classification in Australia Again

Australia have a very strict classification system for video games; they only introduced an adult category this year but that doesn’t cover everything, as Saints Row IV was previously denied classification due to the inclusion of an alien anal probe weapon.


The weapon has since been removed from the game itself, becoming part of the DLC Season Pass as a workaround for the classification system. However, it seems as though this strategy hasn’t worked as the game has once again been refused classification in Australia.

The reason? Well, “drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted” apparently. It seems as though Saints Row IV will have a hard time releasing in Australia, with this secondary review board also denying the game.

If you’re not Australian and you’re looking forward to the game, our video preview above shows it off pretty well. There’s no drug use related to incentives and rewards to be seen, though.



  1. As Jim Boone said: “They… they’re… yes. [Laughs] It’s fascinating!”

    Didn’t TLOU get to Australia fine? That had Joel popping pills every hour or so, and improving his abilities. Sooo…

  2. Did Pac-Man ever make it to Australia?

    • I think he just stayed at home with his harem of nagging women.

  3. Was this even mentioned in the first review?

  4. As an Aussie I haven’t bought a game from the shelfs for a long time, I order online, its way way cheaper and most of the time is less hassle. so im thinking with the saints game it’ll be just an online buy. PO POW!!!!

  5. I can understand Australia having a good classification system but this is ridiculous, they are treating every adult in Australia like a 3yo child.

  6. Amazing, one of the most multi-cultural countries on the planet with a hugely diverse society from all over the world that has probably experienced and seen far worse in real life than this game could ever possibly offer in digital format.
    I think that they should be able to distinguish and seperate real life from gameplay fiction!

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