WeView Verdict: Aliens: Colonial Marines

I’m not really surprised that the reaction to Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t exactly positive. Most of you weren’t all that impressed by the game, and some of you pretty much hated it outright.

Take Arrebatotarugo for example. They disliked the game so intensely that they could only bring themselves to play “a few minutes (less than ten for sure)”, simply saying that “It was horrible.” Starman was a little more forgiving, saying that they’d made “a few attempts to get into it”. Their reaction wasn’t any more positive than Arrebatotarugo’s though, describing the game as “pants”.

Our very own Origami Killer, aka DanToo, stuck his head in to complain about the game too. He was a bit more vocal in his distaste for the sci-fi shooter, complaining that “it looks awful” and that “Everything is bland and there’s hardly any details.” He also took fault with the game’s lighting, saying that it was either far too bright for the atmosphere of an Aliens game, or that when it was dark the game’s torch “couldn’t even light up a two man tent.”

His only real positive was that “you can’t deny that everything sounds like it should in the game”, before going onto take issue with the gameplay, the shooting and just about every other element of the game. At least it sounds good though!

XDarkMagician was a little more positive though, feeling that the title is worth a rent “for any serious gamer but especially for any Alien fan”. That’s not to say they were exactly positive about the game though, as they said that “Everything you’ve heard about this game is true. Yes the demo looked better, yes the guns feel good, yes the AI is horribly unpredictable, yes its buggy.” In some ways that plays in its favour though, as they conclude by saying that “It’s one of those games that you kinda just have to play to see what all the fuss is about.”

Eldave0 had probably the most positive view of the game overall, possibly because he describes himself as “a sucker for the Aliens franchise.”. Describing his time with the game, Eldave0 said that “From the iconic Pulse Rifle to the cameo appearances and easter eggs, I found myself having a good time playing through this, admittedly short, game.” He also plucked out the game’s multiplayer as “the real highlight”. Despite this positivity, he still says that the game still isn’t worth buying “even at it’s current £15 price point.”

Perhaps a little surprisingly there was one Buy It verdict for the game, coming from Nate who said you should “Buy it, for the sake of the orphans.” Aside from that, the news isn’t good for the game. It picked up three Avoid It votes, although Rent It game out on top with four of you selecting it.

Finally, there’s this week’s poll. You’ve got Final Fantasy XIII-2, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Dead Space 3 to choose amongst this week, and as always you’ve got until Sunday evening to get those votes in.



  1. Finished this yesterday, I found the only way to enjoy it was to play on easy & just blast through it. Still cant believe how unfinished some sections are. I did actually start to find some of the bugs helped me enjoy the game though! An alien unable to reach me because its tail was stuck in a wall being a highlight.

  2. I actually played through the game on hard so I can give it credit for being challenging.
    Love the sub-heading by the way, made me laugh.

  3. Those poor orphans have it tough.

  4. i meant to comment on it, but i forgot, i do that a lot.

    i lost any faith i had the game would be worthwhile when i discovered that gearbox decided the game they were, supposed to be, making, based on the Alien series remember, into a sausage fest.

    i took months of badgering from fans and even the stars of the Aliens movie to get them to add any playable female marines.

    in single player you still played the man, who might as well have been called private Bland Dullbloke.
    there was one female marine you see regularly in the campaign, but she’s already impregnated by the alien, and you spend half the game trying to find a way to save her.

    but even without that, the game was repetitive, buggy, and with a fairly ludicrous plot.

    there was no tension when fighting the aliens, the old Aliens VS Predator game had much more tense encounters with the aliens.
    there wasn’t enough fighting the aliens, most of the game seems to feature you fighting other humans.
    fight through a corridor, defend somebody while they hack the door, rinse and repeat.

    and a returning character from the movie, that could not still be alive.

    about the only thing they did well were the sound effects, they were pretty much spot on.

    anyway, i would have voted for rent it.
    it’s awful but i think people should really see it for themselves.

    but if you want the real Alien experience, go watch the movies.

  5. The game was that awful I couldn’t even bring myself to comment on it.

  6. I really wanted to play this, if only it had been a little more dead space’y

  7. I still think this game was crushed by years of anticipation and unrealistic expectations.

    As with Duke Nukem before it, it became cool to hate this game online. If everyone who claims to have played these games had done so, the COD franchise would hold fewer records.

    It’s not the best game I’ve played, but there are far worse out there.

  8. I agree with these points and I cannot believe Gearbox ripped us off showing the gameplay months ago when it looked like downgraded.
    Still…. I really did enjoy the campaign and I love the beeping sounds when tracking the Aliens during combat.
    The best part was mainly the multiplayer. That is all really.

  9. Aye, I guessed it would be naff after watching the dev timeline span more years than my son’s 8 years of life.

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