BioShock Infinite Expanded With Two DLC Packs, First Available Today

The first BioShock Infinite downloadable content pack has been a long time coming; the game, which we rated 10/10 when it released back in March, launched alongside a Season Pass for the DLC and fans have been eager to see what was in store ever since.

We had previously heard that an announcement was coming towards the end of July and, now that time has come, here’s the trailer:


It’s titled Clash in the Clouds and appears to be combat arena pitting Booker against plenty of enemies, described as “an action-focused downloadable content pack that presents players with a series of unique, intense challenges and a whole new gambit of combat opportunities.” It’s a bit different to what we expected, but given that they didn’t start work on the DLC until after the game had shipped it’s understandable.

Clash in the Clouds will be available on Steam and Xbox Live later today, with a PSN release tomorrow, but that’s not all they’ve revealed today. Perhaps realising a story-light mode would upset some fans, they’ve also announced the first part of the story-focused DLC, trailered below.

It will be the first episode of a piece of narrative-heavy content titled Burial at Sea and features Booker and Elizabeth as a detective duo in the depths of Rapture before its fall. If you’ve played through BioShock Infinite, then you’ll know exactly how this works and it’s a really good idea for DLC.

Ken Levine, Creative Director of Infinite says that with “the Burial at Sea episodes, we are building a Rapture-based narrative experience that is almost entirely built from scratch.” So, it all sounds really good.

There’s no release date for Burial at Sea yet, but you can buy the Season Pass now for around £15.99 to get it as soon as it releases.



  1. Wait how does Burial at Sea work then? I thought I had the ending sussed, clearly not.

  2. Is the clash in the clouds one of the 3 packs? I was under the assumption they’d all be story based. Really dislike survival modes :-(

    • Ditto, also hate the survival modes. Not purchased the season pass so will wait for the story DLC.

    • Yeah, sorry to disappoint, but it’s Clash in the Clouds and then Burial at Sea parts 1 and 2 which make up the full season pass.

      Naturally, the value depends on how big BAS is, but whatever the case, the Season Pass will come out costing less than both BAS episodes.

      • Thanks for the confirmation. Shame.

      • Makes sense, I’ll wait for a sale (cheapskate that I am).

      • Thanks, Season Pass it is then if it’s cheaper than both BaS episodes.

  3. Not at all interested in first dlc, but Rapture stuff looks good.

    Also, $4.99 or 3 for $19.99 could be seen as a bit of a bum deal!

    • The second and third DLC are a lot more expensive, on their own. The pricing of each is relative to the scope.

      • That’s what I figured, but it’s not exactly clear. Also, I’m assuming the Rapture dlc will be about £11.99 each, which will make it more expensive than the game itself!

  4. Not a big enough fan of the gameplay to buy the survival DLC but might have a look as Burial At Sea.

  5. Sounds like the same DLC plan that was used for Dishonored. One action/challenge based DLC and then a two part story DLC.

  6. 4 months for a battle arena, lol, I hope that they spent a good amount of that time working on the BAS packs. Kinda disappointing IMO to release a mode that gets included in alot of other games for free as the first DLC when everyone is waiting for something special, or story based.
    And as much as I loved the first 2 BioShocks, going back to Rapture is incredibly disappointing as well. Columbia deserves its own DLC, there are many areas left to explore in Columbia. Im sure the DLC will be great, but if they’re going back to rapture for the DLC they should have just made BioShock 3 instead.

  7. Definitely interested in Burial At Sea, though would have liked to see another arc in Colombia

  8. 1st DLC pack looks like the core game – basically one big challenge arena game – wander from room to room battling waves of enemies. I struggled to see where it improved on BS2 in any area bar art direction.

  9. The calendar in the trailer says 31st December 1958.

    That’s the day the civil war in Rapture broke out, I believe.

    This is gonna be great.

    Booker & Elizabeth, a civil war, a utopia gone wrong… Constants and variables.

    Can’t wait.

  10. not fussed about a combat arena – it’d be too hard for me I reckon.. kept dying on normal and had to drop it to easy for the last fight on the zeppelin… wussy I know, but hey…

    the 2nd and 3rd dlc look good though… rapture looks like it’s been rebuilt in the new engine as opposed to being re-used too. Question is, how long till they come out? And if they released on PS4 with an enhanced Infinite would I buy it?

    Yes. Yes I would.

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