Out This Week: PixelJunk, Superfrog and PS+ Update

Much like the weather as of late, this week’s gaming line-up yields a scolding drought, at least on retail level. It’s not all bad news, however; just around the corner is a cluster of late-summer sleepers, and those subscribed to PlayStation Plus can expect a digital downpour come Wednesday afternoon. So, without further ado…

PixelJunk Monster Ultimate HD | VITA

Though not the first instalment in Q-Games’ long-running series, PixelJunk Monsters is still perhaps the most cherished. Originally released in 2008 on PlayStation Network, the quirky tower-defence classic would later receive a full-on expansion and even a PSP port.


Finally, the game will make its way to PlayStation Vita in all its HD glory. Featuring 47 levels and 24 challenges, Monsters is packed with content and plenty of unlockables for those who like to stray from the beaten path.

Cloudberry Kingdom | PS3, 360, Wii U

Pwnee Studios’ digital debut is a test of both reflex and skill. Don’t let the cutesy art style or fluffy name fool you, Cloudberry Kingdom is looking to be one of the most brutal side-scrolling platformers this side of Super Meat Boy.

Launching first on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live before jumping to Wii U, Cloudberry Kingdom uses a clever AI system that charts player behaviour. The game then uses this information to determine which obstacles to place before its unwitting victims. Basically, it’s the Dark Souls of 2D platformers and will be part of Sony’s PLAY initiative on PSN.

Superfrog HD | PS3, VITA

Not everyone will be familiar with Team 17’s Amiga classic but that won’t stop you from enjoying this HD update. Catapulted into the 21st century, Superfrog now dons the mantle of a modern side-scroller and even features its own level creator. On top of that, those who buy the PlayStation 3 version will also get it on Vita. We’ll have our thoughts on the game up at some point tomorrow.

Narco Terror | PS3, 360, PC

PlayStation Plus August Update

Well well, it’s that time of the month again (oh yes, very funny) where online punters take their £3.99 and turn it into a barrage of digital goodness. At the forefront of August’s PS+ offerings is Criterion’s open-world racer, Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Not even a year old, players will be able to bag this PS3 title alongside 2K’s Gangster sim, Mafia II, and the often underrated Spec Ops: The Line.

Handheld gamers fear not, there’s plenty for you too. First off we have LEGO Lord of the Rings, another TT puzzle-platformer, this time based on Tolkein’s fantasy epic. Keep in mind that, rather sadly, this isn’t a port of the PS3/360 game. This month you’ll also get When Vikings Attack!



  1. Pixeljunk! That’ll keep me busy.

  2. Nice update for PS PLus. Looking forward to giving Mafia II a go. I hear it’s a bit under rated from earlier this gen

    • Mafia II is well worth a look. It’s showing its age a bit, but still stands up pretty well. Spec Ops is also a good shout if you’ve go ten hours to blitz through the campaign.

      • It’s my summer holidays and I just graduated unilast week. I’ve got plenty of time for a 10 hour campaign blitz lol

  3. A nice reminder that it’s “Last Tuesday of the month try and free some space on the PS3” day.

    For this months PS+ games that means 17.3GB of download and at least 21.7GB of space available. That’s assuming you download and install the biggest first, then the second biggest, and then the last one. That way requires the least space. Or download them all at once and need 34.6GB.

    Time to delete stuff then. Let’s hope the other things being released tomorrow turn out to be crap. Don’t want to be downloading more stuff. Is it Sony that decides the actual release dates? Does that annoy people who end up with their games being published on PS+ day? Or does it work in their favour? While people are in the store getting their “free” games, they might just pick up something else?

  4. I’m pretty sure that you can play the PS3 version on a Vita via remote play. I never bought the PSP version as it was overpriced and never seemed to get a discount.

  5. SUPERFROG! I spent an entire summer when I was at junior school playing it… Might have to relive some of my youth…

    I wish I still had my Amiga had some awesome games for it…

  6. I will definitely take a look at Spec Ops: The Line, as the game got my curiosity since first trailer. I somehow, feel that it will be an positive surprise, just like Binary Domain turned out to be an very good game…..no, wait I need to first finish Deus Ex and Mirrors Edge, which wait in line. Damn!

  7. Looking forward to When Vikings Attack on Vita :-)

    • I got it on release – it’s great fun in two player, and you can have one person on PS3 and one on Vita!

  8. I’ve bought both the PS3 and PSP version of Pixeljunk Monsters, but never finished it. Now I’m hoping to change that with the Vita version.

  9. I thought the PS+ update would be next week, what with this Wednesday being the 31st of July n all…?

  10. Need for Speed, Mafia II and Spec Ops: The Line – all AWESOME games, get them all downloaded ;)

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