Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Beta Invites Are Being Sent Out

Well, I just received an interesting surprise in my inbox, an invite to the Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer beta. The multiplayer was revealed earlier today.

arkhamoriginsbetaFirst off Robin is mentioned in this invite, but as far as I’m aware he hasn’t been confirmed for Origins. In fact, during San Diego Comic Con it had been stated that Robin would not feature as the events here predate his appearance. Maybe he will be a multiplayer character only.


Gameplay wise this Beta will feature the Invisible Predator mode, with a player taking control of Batman or Robin, while being pursued by Elites working for Bane or Joker.

This beta is invite only so if you’ve got a Warner Bros ID keep an eye on your email, and it will run from August 7th until August 14th. The platform options available were for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Source: My inbox



  1. That sounds like a nice email for you to receive. I can top that though as I received an email today from the former Nigerian Chancellor offering a pretty lucrative deal for just a few of my bank account details. I’m off to make £3.75 million, see you peasants later!

    • No Nigerian Chancellors ever email me. :(

      • You might be in luck as he asked whether I have any friends who could also help with this transaction. He has so much money to transfer that I lost count after the eleventh digit!

    • LOL! Brilliant!

  2. Great news, hopeful of this. :)

  3. I found the same surprise when looking for a Killzone beta invite.

  4. I’m a bit sceptical how this multiplayer will turn out. I can’t imagine the Batman franchise translating well to multiplayer. But then again, I thought that about Uncharted and that did pretty well.
    I’m just worried they’re doing it more for the money side, than the ‘adding to the game’ side. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it though.
    Also, jealous I didn’t get an invite.

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