Could This Be Watch Dogs on PS3? Then Hurry Up, PS4

Excuse the cringeworthy trailer above, but there’s something very important to note about it, regarding the graphical quality. You see, the visuals present look quite poor in comparison to what we’ve previously seen of the game.

That’s because, from what I along with a host of NeoGAF users have deduced, it’s possibly footage taken from the current-gen version of the game.

[drop]It does look very dated – the uploader of the video even quips “I love that they’re making a Nintendo 64 version of the game. Thanks Ubisoft!” along with plenty more scathing comments appearing over on GAF.

Some worry about how The Division will look and others suggest that it’s simply a GTA IV mod, though that’s not likely due to the authenticity of the video and, well, the fact that it actually includes Aisha Tyler.

There’s some extreme hyperbole present within the comments, which naturally permeates any internet forum, but there are some good points in among all the nonsense, discussing just how it could manage to look so poor and why Tyler doesn’t actually look anything like her real-life counterpart.

And it’s not just the way it looks either – the way it flows is totally off, with clunky animations – just look at 43 seconds in when Aisha steps off the curb and subsequently back on. What happened to this game?

Compare the above to the stunning E3 2012 gameplay reveal footage below and you’ll see exactly what I mean, particularly when the protagonist steps out into the rain at around the six minute mark, his jacket flowing behind, beautifully animated, as he runs off to cause a traffic collision.

There are suggestions that it’s perhaps Wii U or even PC footage on the lowest quality settings but it’s definitely a downgrade from what we’ve seen before, from presumably the full-spec PC version, which should be similar graphically to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

I had never noticed just how big a step up next-gen visuals could be, instead focusing my excitement on all the other aspects of the consoles, but now Ubisoft have shown just that; this is perhaps the best marketing that the PS4 has had in terms of graphics to date.

This comes after the Animation Director, Colin Graham, said “players are going to know they aren’t getting a bad experience if they play Watch Dogs for the current gen,” which now sounds like a bit of a mistruth.

Thankfully, to clear up the confusion slightly, Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin took to twitter to diffuse the situation, using a lot of winking faces in the progress. He said that “sometimes 100s of people working together causes communications issues” and that “Current Gen is better than that…” so it sounds like some crossed wires have caused the footage to be taken from the wrong build.

I’m still worried that we haven’t seen anything from the current generation versions, nor a real confirmation of what platform the above footage is from.

Perhaps the video is just from an unannounced Vita or mobile version then? Unlikely, but whatever the case is, bring on the next generation so we can experience something resembling the majesty of the original E3 reveal footage.

Does the possible difference in graphical quality affect your decision to buy a next generation machine in any way? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. To be fair, it actually doesn’t look that bad. I think the issue is that we’ve all got use to watching the next gen footage of the game.

  2. Sorry, but this is the epitome of shoddy journalism. The author saw the trailer and assumed it was the PS3 version of the game, when Ubisoft not only explained the bad trailer here:

    but also released a new one:

    Relax. No version of the game will look this bad.

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