News Snatch: Bully, Train Simulator 2014 and Zynga

Hello everyone, time for another Snatch packed with the best off-cuts of gaming news, mechanically recovered, processed and then cooked with added water and vegetable proteins to create a delicious, nutritious bite-sized nuggets of video game delight.


We start with huge news – where are all the trailers? Normally I’m swamped with the blasted things but today – nothing. My opening gambit for today’s Snatch is Japanese cinema advert for Pokémon X & Y, for which I can only apologise.

Soundtrack fans can now purchase the tunes from Resident Evil 6 – who can forget the hits “Bioterrorism in Lanshiang” and “Ustanak Immolated / No More Holding Back”? For more information and to buy the album follow this link

Resident Evil 6 also forms part of a new compilation spotted on EB games. The Capcom Essentials pack also includes Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Mega Man 10 and is listed at a wallet-busting $59.99 for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

The collection has yet to be officially announced but will be very tempting to those on a budget. It reminds me of the massive game collections that were released for the ZX Spectrum like The Magnificent Seven, what a bargain that was!
YouTube is awash with fake videos explaining “How To Install GTA V”, obviously they do not give you the game, instead they fill your PC full of spyware and nasty gubbins. It appears someone has got a bit annoyed by all these fake videos and created their own version.

Zynga has sued the makers of Bang With Friends, an app that allows smut fiends to hook up for casual sex. Zynga claim it infringes their trademark for its “with friends” family of games. May I suggest a name change to ‘Bang With Friends With Benefits’?

The ESRB has rated Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita. Perhaps the original PS One game is coming to the PSN but it’s more likely this is for the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection which includes a code for the VR missions.

An interactive map for The Elder Scrolls Online has been created, click here to have a look and make sure you scroll over to the right hand side of the page, that’s where the buttons are.

BioWare artist Matt Rhodes has posted a blog containing Mass Effect concept art which never made it to the series. You can view a selection above including a rather tubby Cerberus trooper, for the full gallery head on over to his site.

Take-Two have registered the trademark for PS2 hit Bully. The trademark application was filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on July 25th and follows the recent re-registration of the trademark for M.I.A. PS3 exclusive, Agent.


Toot toot! Train Simulator 2014 will launch on 26th September 2013. PC gamers can experience the “exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, and a variety of trains, real-world routes and challenging assignments.”

To pre-order your copy, head on over to the official site.
And Finally, Warner Music has joined one of the unsung heroes of PlayStation, Vidzone.



  1. I though red dead was a series already so there for the next one is the 4th instalment right?

    • no, Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption are the first and second game in the series, Undead Nightmare is DLC and not counted as part of the series, so the next one will be the third game.

  2. Great to hear again that previous Train Sim owners will get a free upgrade. I think I originally bought 2011 and have received the update for free each year.

    • Its nice, but shame the 2012, 2013 and now 2014 content is even more expensive DLC….

      • I like the fact that you can just buy the extras as DLC, and there’s so much variety content you just chose what you want.

  3. The train on the left looks like the one that crashed in Spain. Oh dear.

  4. Train Sim for GOTY…. or not :P

  5. Warner Music finally Jumping on board with Vidzone is very exciting news. Finally the service has all the mahot record labels on-board. It could become a major asset for PlayStation now.

    • Become? It’s been bloody awesome since launch :)

  6. This “how to” Youtuber is famous for his ridiculous over the top videos that always contain the abuse of eggs in some form. I can really recommend his guide on how to cook salmon. :D

  7. Warner bros joining Vidzone is quite literally, music to my ears. Very hyped about finally being able to watch the entire back catalogue of RHCP vids in particular, that awesome service people don’t seem to pay attention to, just got even better. If anyone reading this enjoys music, but has never checked out Vidzone, I strongly recommend you do.

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