PSN Store Update: 31/07/13 – PlayStation Plus Freebies, PS3 Sales And More PixelJunk

Along with today’s usual Wednesday update, it’s perhaps worth remembering that August’s PlayStation Plus games roll into action. Replacing the generous Battlefield 3, Saints Row and PayDay are EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II and the clever shooter Spec Ops: The Line. Over on the PS Vita there’s Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack! too – the latter is great fun.


If you’ve not already grabbed July’s line-up, you can quickly add them to your basket and ‘check out’ from here – you don’t need to download them, just ensure you’ve ‘bought’ them and they’re in your download list.

There are also savings to be had this week. For example, Injustice is £29.99, the latest Walking Dead game has dropped to £19.99, Dirt 3 is currently just £7.99, the 3D subsection of MotorStorm Pacific Rift is down to £5.19 and the cross buy Retro City Rampage just £3.99. Those will run until the 14th of August.

Expect something for the Jak & Daxter Trilogy soon too.

As for today’s new content, look out for the PS Vita version of PixelJunk Monsters, which you can also win in our exclusive competition. Cloudberry Kingdom is out too – £8 – alongside the very 80’s Narco Terror. What else? R.I.P.D.: The Game, Superfrog HD, something called The Last Bounty Hunter, the full price Turbo: Super Stunt Squad and Zeno Clash 2.

iBomber Defense, Ten By Eight and Roll In The Hole are also out on PlayStation Mobile.

DLC comes in the form of the BioShock Infinite Clash in the Clouds expansion, the Vengeance pack for Black Ops II and some bits for Injustice, God of War: Ascension and Media Molecule’s evergreen LittleBigPlanet 2.

No links yet, looks like the Store is yet to update.



  1. I am ridiculously excited about getting Lego Lord of the Rings for free. Always wanted to try but just never had the money spare :3

    • Me too!!’ I always wanted play a Lego game

      • The best portable LEGO game by a country mile, especially for fans of Middle Earth.

      • I just assumed it would be a port of the 3ds one like the others, glad I made that assumption as I’d probably have blown good money on something I’d now be getting on ps+

    • The PC version is fantastic, absolutely gorgeous even on mid-low end hardware. Never played the Vita version, but not sure if I can spare the megabytes.

    • Sadly I have already played and 100%ed this.
      It’s good fun!

    • Same here. I know next to nothing about LOTR (only watched the first movie and can’t figure out the fuss) but I love lego games so it’s a great month for me. All portable goodies are welcome since I’ll be away from my ps3 for a month or two. I should make time from Animal Crossing and Layton though. When vikings attack should also be a nice distraction. Very satisfied with this months psv content.

    • What does the :3 mean?

  2. I really want to try Cloudberry Kingdom but it looks incredible difficult and I know I won’t get my £8’s worth.

    • And I think it may be time I re-subscribe to PS+…

    • It scales it’s difficulty to your ability level, always pushing you but never going so far as to be impossible. The AI that designs the levels really is fantastic.

  3. Pixeljunk HD looks fab – tower defence and the vita are a perfect match. Tempted by Dirt 3 at that price too.

  4. i’m glad about the extra 10% discount for plus subscribers on the sales, i can afford Persona for PSP now.
    and have 12 pence left. ^_^

    always wanted to play one of those games.

    • and of course, they had to screw that one up.

      still listed at full price.

      though it does have the 10% plus discount.

      yay -_-

      can anybody remember a week when they didn’t screw something up with the update?

      other than when the psn was down because of the hack.

  5. So, buy Injustice now or wait for GOTY Edition? How much DLC is there?

    • Quite a bit. there’s a season pass which covers flash point and 4 add on characters but on top of that I reckon you’ve still got about 40 quids worth.

      • Thanks mate! I’ll go for the game with season pass now if it’s still available. It’s been too long since I bought a fighter for the PS3.

  6. BioShock Infinite and Blops2 DLCs for me, since both are already pre-paid!

    Also all the PS+ stuff, and perhaps even the GoW:A and LBP2 stuff depending on what it is!

  7. Hurry up and update perleasssseeeee.

  8. Excellent, been wanting Retro City Rampage for a while…

  9. Jeeeeez. Just finished downloading NFSMW and it now requires a patch to 1.03 of around 2GB. Why can’t they just sort this out so that these games patch fully on initial download?

  10. I just noticed you can get the new Playstation or xBox for free at this link:

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