The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Receives a “YOLO” Trailer

Following on from Ubisoft’s effort with a poor and cringeworthy gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs, 2K have released a trailer for The Bureau’s upcoming YOLO multiplayer mode, which isn’t much better.


It shows how that your squad mates can face permanent death – no respawns here – if you don’t face the situation tactically, how they literally only live once – LOLO.

Here’s the thing – there’s no word on what this means to people not reading an article like this before viewing the video, instead just witnessing characters running forth while shouting YOLO; it seems to be more about getting your squad killed than protecting them.

Remember when trailers were good? Anyway, the game’s out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 20th.



  1. Worst. Trailer. EVER.

  2. Glad to see yolo is now catching up in games lol

  3. Anyone who ever says yolo needs to be shot. It’s what dumb kids day as an excuse after they fuck up.

  4. It looks like a video from The Sims…

  5. Didn’t know what Yolo meant before this,or rather didn’t care enough to google it.Looking forward to the game though.

  6. Dear Lord. Who thought this trailer would help sell the game?

  7. I have a really bad head cold, nose streaming, face aching all over, sore throat and ear ache and this trailer made me feel worse. Someone kick me in the nads to make me feel better please!

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