New Watch Dogs Trailer Seeks To Calm Graphical Woes

After yesterday’s debacle with a Watch Dogs trailer showing sub-par visuals and disjointed animations, Ubisoft have released a new trailer – titled “Honored” – to remind us all that the game is probably going to be quite good.


It’s clear that this is next generation footage, with some neat animation work in the gameplay footage peppered with quotes from various publications’ previews of the game.

There are even slow-motion rain sequences and close-ups of facial animations, clearly included as a rebuttal to claims of the game looking quite poor.

Still, I’d like to see some real current generation gameplay for a direct comparison. It is a very well put together trailer, however.

Watch Dogs releases on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on November 22nd, with a PS4 and Xbox One version presumably launching on the same date if the consoles are out.

It’s odd that the Wii U version is absent from the box art shown at end of the trailer, isn’t it?



  1. Looks pretty good to me.
    Poor Wii U owners look like they could miss out.

  2. They put this together in 1 day?!

    • A couple of days, maybe. Or more than likely they had it ready for closer to launch/Gamescom.

  3. This looked really nice. Can’t wait!

  4. Looking good. Better than that Vita trailer from the other day ;)

  5. Better.

  6. That’s more like it. Just what I was hoping for.

  7. Things would be alot clearer, if this & other trailers, specified which platform it was running on.

    • True. This is not clearing out a thing, when it comes to”how will the game look like on current gen”.

  8. Has it been announced when this is going to be released?

  9. It’s funny cus both trailers looked the same to me as they were viewed with mobile data :)

  10. Would still like to see a PS3 version for us poor people who can’t go PS4 day one…

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