Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Orders Down On Black Ops II

Pre-orders are pretty important in this industry of ours, as a major indicator to how well a game will sell, not to mention bringing in cash at full price. It’s especially important for Activision, when every year sees people wondering when their Call of Duty bubble with burst, and stop setting records.

However, it’s perhaps a little unsurprising that Activision Publishing’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, revealed during an earnings call that Call of Duty: Ghosts is “well below” the record setting Black Ops II’s pre-order figures. There are a lot of logical reasons behind this drop, as he went on to explain.


However, our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation amongst past [Call of Duty] preorderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.

He also stated that Ghosts’ pre-orders are still double that of the original Black Ops, the last spin off launch, and I’m sure Activision are banking on a strong uptick in pre-orders as people figure out their plans. There’s little doubt that Call of Duty: Ghosts will still be topping charts on release, and should see the franchise continue strongly well into the next generation.

In other news, Hirshberg revealed that Activision’s big new hope for the future, coming in the form of Bungie’s Destiny, is delicately poised to become the most pre-ordered new franchise of all time.

Source: Gamespot, via NeoGAF.




  1. Black Ops 2 has the worst multiplayer (maps, sounds, guns) out of all the PS3 iterations in my opinion, so I’m not surprised – although the lack of preorders is probably due to people waiting to decide on whether they are getting a next gen console, or which one, or if they’ll have the cash for all the games they want after the cost of a new console.

    I pray that the franchise stops bowing to the “kids” with stupid camos, quick-scoping, skate-park maps and frantic arcade run-and-gun shooting, and returns to the slower-paced, tactical days of the simpler CoD4, which also had better and larger maps. The IW games seem to have a better multiplayer in my opinion. If not I’ll trade my Ghosts pre-order in for Battlefield 4.

    I also fear that with everyone having the ability to record on next gen consoles, we’ll see more twats doing 360 degree knife-throws when they’re the last person alive in Search & Destroy, rather than trying to win the game.

  2. Many reasons I think for this.
    – kids growing up and trying new games
    – next gen exclusives look so much more interesting
    – trailer for COD Ghosts was complete toilet
    – technology on the game/new engine looks old and not inventive
    – people just bored of the game

    Lets hope the bubble is starting to burst and people are trying other games. I do think people not knowing which console they will buy will make a difference, but I also think the above points are also true.

    • – kids growing up and trying new games

      Unfortunately, the population of Britain has this annoying habit of kids having kids which replace the kids who grow up

      • that is a little annoying, but generally those who grew up with COD this gen, where COD became massive, are hopefully not having kids of their own just yet. They should be over the age of 18 but we all know there are lots who are only 12 playing these games.

        Hence the barrage of annoying shits on the xbox. A reason I don’t play on it too.

      • A woman I work with, who herself is a nice person and I’m not judging her or her son when I say this, lets her boy of 10 play COD online.

        Hopefully she has brought him up well, and he respects the rules of socializing online, even at his young age, but 10 is still far too young to be a lost cause and become another annoying prick

    • Spot on

  3. COD has gone downhill since Black Ops 1. Both MW3 and Blops 2 were very poor online.
    The devs really need to sort the problems out. Although I enjoyed Blops 1 the last real fun COD was MW2.
    For MP in Ghosts they need to be looking at MW2 as their base line.

    • I agree, I loved MW2 but sadly alot of people thought the killstreaks were overpowered – which, to be fair, they probably were – but they were a lot of fun. Perhaps if less killstreaks could be used at only (rather than x2 Harriers, a Pavelow and various Preditor Missiles) it might have worked better. And there was of course the infinite One Man Army “noob tube” exploit.

      MW2 seemed to run really well and maps like Underpass, Afghan, Favela and Estate were brilliant, unlike the boring symetrical maps we get now. The hit detection and frame rate also seemed so much better than in the Blops games, not to mention the gun sounds and character models.

      • IMO MW2 was the worst COD game I played, lag was horrendous and the killstreaks totally ruined the game in most cases. I do agree though that some of the maps were excellent.

      • Never had issues with lag, but internest speeds are better now that might have helped back then. The killstreaks were definately overpowered at times, but in general I think it handled the best – and the visuals on Blops are just terrible, especially when you compare Blops2 to Battlefield 3 which came out a month apart, Treyarch have just used a modified MW2 engine for years, with no improvements. In fact, the visuals are worse than in the MW games!

      • I agree that MW2 was horribly unbalanced.
        Killstreaks were stupid and so was OMA.
        But take away those problems and the game was great fun. The maps were definitely the best out of any COD game.

  4. I haven’t pre-ordered yet because as he said, I don’t know which console I’ll be getting it on. I’m really interested to see what they do with the new story, characters and setting, I just hope IW keep their own style and don’t follow Treyarch too much.

  5. I haven’t pre ordered because shop to aren’t selling it some sort of legal issue I think but I could be wrong. However I simply don’t trust other retailers to have it to me on time so I am probably going to be in asda at midnight. It will be my first midnight gaming adventure! I am 30 and everyone should try it once so. :-) Will I be the only girl in the que?

  6. I’ve pre-ordered mine for the PS4 (40+ years old), I’m hoping that most kids won’t get to play it for a while :)

  7. I haven’t pre-ordered because for the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve got the new CoD game on launch day for a fraction of the RRP at Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda. Maybe people have twigged on to this too?

    Last year for Blops2, it was £25 when you buy £25 PSN credit.

  8. Yeah I fancy a bit of that supermarket special offer stuff this year. That probably means there won’t be any……sorry folks!

  9. I think it’s the platform problem first and foremost but the new direction might not be helping either.

    Heck, maybe we’ll see the franchise struggle like hell on the next gen consoles. I don’t think so, but you never can tell.

  10. Not even bothering initially with COD on PS4. Grown very tired of this series plus the monopoly with M$.

    BF4 1st…maybe COD next year!

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