Killzone Mercenary Beta Footage Leaks Out

Footage from the Killzone Mercenary beta has leaked on the internet, it may be removed by Sony, so have a look before it vanishes and remember to change the quality up to 720p.


The maps appear slightly too large to me but perhaps the game was not full, apart from that it looks, well, Killzone-y. The Vita is certainly shifting a large number of polygons about, mostly brown and grey polygons it’s true, but still a large number of them.

A couple of lucky people have access to the beta now and a public beta will occur in late August.

Source: YouTube



  1. There’s no NDA actually, as it’s a “Public Limited Beta.”

    Checked that one before I started tweeting screenshots last night, just in case.

    • Well that’s what happens WHEN I DONT GET A BETA INVITE SONY.


  2. Well as a closed beta tester I can confirm it looks and plays like Killzone 3.

    Didn’t seem laggy at all when I played so I would like more players like say 8v8 rather than the 4v4 it is.

    As for how it looks i can confirm right now it is the best looking game on Vita by far, menu presentation is clean and nice.

    Just shows that when given ample time the true power of Vita comes to light.
    Just hope the Campaign is good also.

    Although love the fact you get Credits for doing most things even picking up ammo.

    *No I am not affiliated with Sony :D

    • There’s a big drop in players at the moment due to a bug where loadouts aren’t showing, even though the first one unlocks at the default starting level. This has happened to me and a few others and really reduced the people online in comparison to yesterday when this wasn’t happening.

      Aside from that the game is great. Takes a little getting used to in terms of controls, sprint and the like, but it’s a blast after you figuring that out. Day 1 buy for me I’d say.

      • Yup, that bug threw me for a bit.

        I still respawn (with weapons) though, so it’s not game breaking. Annoying I have to wait for the timer though.

      • Over on the beta forums the devs say to delete the whole beta, redownload and reinstall. That’s the only current fix and likely to be the case for a bit as it’s not an easy fix. Just tried it and I can confirm it now works, at least for me.

  3. Looks impressive!!

  4. I’ve been playing it a bit and it’s gorgeous. Really impressive and it plays great too.

  5. Looks luverly.

  6. Looks awesome and looks to be everything that Burning Skies was not-good.

    Complaint? That voice…get Radec back xD

  7. Loving the map size! Lovely and big :) Really can’t wait for it now!

  8. Looks great!

  9. I’m I the only one that finds the womans voice very anoying?

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