PlayStation 4 Tech Demo Shows Deep Down Engine

The above video is a showreel of sorts for Capcom’s next generation PS4 engine, mainly highlighting the impressive fire, smoke and particle effects.

This engine will be used for the – now confirmed to be an online only – RPG Deep Down. It shows the types of fire (Billboard and Fluid) that the engine can produce, and the difference between them, as well as a model of a dragon that’s presumably producing this fire.

Deep Down is an interesting title and definitely one to keep an eye out for going in to the next generation.


  1. The flames are impressive and i was looking forward to hearing more about this until it was revelaed as online-only.

  2. Looks great. I can’t wait for Ps4

  3. That’s some neat looking fire effects!

  4. Impressive.

  5. Hugely impressive stuff. Non-structured, organic, non-solid objects (ie. gas, water, fire) are graphical bastards to get right and extra computing horsepower is always the way forward as it tries to replicate such a unique thing.

    To even see this running in ANY game will be a treat.

  6. Very nice tech demo. It’s great to show the engine, but we all know that other requirements of the game may hog system resources and cause throttling of the fire engine.

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