SEGA Among Potential Bidders For Atlus

SEGA are among 20 companies looking to buy Index Corporations operations, who went into bankruptcy a few weeks ago.  Among those business operations include the developer Atlus, the publisher behind the Persona series. The identities of the other companies involved are yet unknown.

According to Bloomberg Japan bids up to $200 million have been put in for the business operations, but again it is unknown who has put in that high bid. According to the report a final decision could be made by the end of August and the future of Atlus will be known.


At the moment Atlus USA seems to still be operational but who knows for how much longer. Whether any successors will keep the US publishing branch open or opt to focus building the business back up in Japan will remain to be seen. In the right hands Atlus would be a good investment.

Source: Bloomberg



  1. I like Atlus as they publish some quirky titles. Is there any more information about their finances and if they are still successful or not?

  2. I hope the find a good home, persona is great. I worry tht Sega would probably turn it in some sort of smartphone game

  3. I really hope they save Atlus.

    • Oh and I hope they don’t change much about them to keep in with

      • Argh my phone!!! Anyways I hope the dont go all Sega on them and make them do crap to tie all their games together a la Sega all star racing and tennis and whatever.

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