Monochromatic PC Shooter Betrayer Announced

Set in early colonial-era Virginia, Betrayer is a new PC Shooter created by six developers who previously worked on F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever.

Players must investigate what happened to an abandoned British settlement, discovering clues on gravestones, artefacts and notes, whilst fending off attacks from that most prolific of gaming adversary, the undead.


“The social situation of that time was really interesting,” explained creators Blackpowder Games. “I don’t know if you’ve read about what it was like to be in the Pilgrim colonies, like if you broke the law, but they’d like… pile stones on you until you died. It was just brutal and horrific and that’s great subject matter for an atmospheric and eerie game.”

As you can see from the trailer above, the game has a distinct monochromatic art style with red accents used to highlight enemies and objects useful in your quest.

Betrayer will be available for $15 on Steam Early Access on August 14th.

Source: PC Gamer



  1. Looks stunning.

  2. I thought that looked terrible. The monochromatic art style just doesn’t sit right with me.

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