Naughty Dog: European Version Of The Last Of Us Is Censored

Naughty Dog have confirmed that the European version of The Last of Us is censored and does not include the violent executions found the American version of the game.


American players caught in the explosion of a nail bomb will find their limbs flying off but gamers in Europe remain in one piece. Rather strangely the single player game is not censored and enemies can be dismembered in both versions of the game.

Eurogamer spotted the differences and also noted that the shotgun execution in multiplayer results in a spurt of blood in our version whilst Americans get an exploding head animation. The video above shows some of the violence edited from the European game, skip to 17m 40s to see the exploding head.

A letter posted on the official PlayStation Forums from Naughty Dog explains the reason for the edits:

“The gore and violence ratings are subject to local regulatory boards in various countries, so the game must be slightly changed in order to accomodate those choices.”

It is suspected that the gore has been toned down to appease the German ratings board who are notoriously sensitive in regards to violent games.



  1. I hate people that play TLOU like that instead of sticking together they wanna go solo then they die

    • This is one of the reasons why the mulitplayer didn’t catch on for me. If you’re not playing with people you know it’s a nightmare as everyone goes and does their own thing and dies.

      • I generally find that people stick together to be fair, so perhaps you’ve been unlucky. Alternatively I stick close to others so I’m more likely to be revived and we’ve got more firepower as a group. ND have done a good job of balancing it I think; by giving decent rewards for reviving and healing a fellow player, and by also having the challenges for reviving/healing, and for not making those skills exclusive to a particular medic-type “class”.

        But if you could always play with 3 others that you know, and with mics, I should think you’d struggle to get beat! ;)

    • I tend to “go rogue” a bit….I find that since people do tend to group together, the other team don’t notice when I flank them, then take them out one by one. Doesn’t always work, mind! ;)

      More annoying for me is when people are more bothered about getting their execution than reviving you, even though they could often go back for the execution if they did revive you.

      I do rather like the exploding head…its not too OTT and does seem more realistic if one were to take a shotgun to the face.

      • Im the same, I will wander off and try and scope out where the others are going if a majority go for one box im waiting near the other lol

        And the whole executions and such, the amount of times im waiting to be revived and someone ignores/goes for kill/execution rather than habving another live player running…. I keep note and they dont get my valuble medical supplies lol

      • Haha, I was the same with one particular guy…I was doing the Gifting challenge yet still avoided giving him anything after he left me to die, the swine!

      • Yeah you cant kill them so :(

        But I did the same healing challenge is too easy so can avoid him and the gifting is clasic for it all.

        People need to learn to play the game and realise if you have peopel alive you got a better chance of winning

  2. One of the reasons why I always import games from the UK (besides the language of voice and text) is because Germany loves to censor games aimed at adults.
    I didn’t miss this “feature” when I played the game but it’s weird that they put all of Europe into the same basket because of our silly game ratings.

  3. meh.

    seems like a pretty minor thing, i couldn’t see it having any affect on the gameplay.

    i’d rather they didn’t censor content like this, but it could be worse.

    • What could be worse than blowing a guy’s face off with a sawn off shotgun?

      • depends which end of the gun you’re on. ^_^

  4. I’m not too fussed about this but it’s a bit disappointing that the German classification board has had an effect on all other countries in Europe.

  5. This is old news isn’t it??

    Nonetheless, doesn’t detract from the experience for me – still a fantastic game in all respects… Just a shame we all have to be tarred with the same German brush :-(

  6. Damn. I skipped the MP but this actually looks quite fun.

    And WTF German ratings board. Get it together.

  7. PS3 games can recognise what language your system is set to (currently only used to set in-game language), so imagine how nice it would have been if it would only censor the ones set to German.

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